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1. Can you Beat the Challenge
[N.B. Question mark deliberately omitted from the title of this entry in order to prevent linking error.]

From TES issue 10 (July 2001)

KNIGHTMARE (a.k.a. Can You Beat The Challenge?)
Published by Corgi in 1988.
Written by Dave Morris and Tim Child.
 [Related Image] Plot: Inspired by the death of a disillusioned Englishman, former mercenary Treguard of Dunshelm returns from the Continent to England to reclaim his birthright: Knightmare Castle, stolen from his family ten years before by Vestan of Brittany. His hazardous journey takes Treguard through city and marsh, wood and mountains. He meets many allies on the way, but also makes some enemies. Watching his progress is the evil Gruagach, who has seized Vestan's forces and is using Knightmare Castle as a death trap for brave knights errant. As he finally nears his old home, Treguard is armed with a magic shield that can turn the power of the Gruagach against him, and his magic sword, Wyrmslayer, that has been bathed in dragon's blood. Along with his faithful ally Folly the jester, Treguard must complete the hazardous journey through the Knightmare Dungeon before finally meeting his malign foe.
Quest section: This takes the reader on a quest through the Dungeon. The route is very contrived and mapped out, unlike in the later books where there is some variety in the routes through the quest. It involves the completion of all three levels of the Dungeon, overcoming such characters from the programme as Lillith, Granitas and the Troll. There are three separate quests: slightly difficult, harder and difficult; only when you have completed all three does Merlin recognise you as a true Champion of Knightmare. This quest section uses the reader's knowledge of the main story effectively in being able to complete the adventure.
Characters from the main story
Treguard: The outlawed Saxon knight is the hero of the piece and must prove his worth as a true knight if he is to win back his castle.
Vestan: The murderer of Treguard's family and new lord of Dunshelm. Well, until the Gruagach turns up.
Horgan: Vestan's lieutenant, and the chief of his army. Horgan is the first to recognise the Gruagach's dominance over Vestan.
Gruagach: The incarnation of evil. He watches Treguard's progress through his magical Green Eye, and is the final foe that must be defeated.
Leahra: The mysterious witch who tells Treguard of the new ruler of Dunshelm, and advises him to find the sword, shield and Folly to complete his task.
Bealwit: This evil dragon is the Lord of the Marsh, and demands a tithe from the villages nearby in exchange for not destroying them.
Anna: The young fen girl. She helps Treguard find and destroy Bealwit, which benefits her as she was supposed to be part of his tithe.
Rupert of Armitage: The young sergeant whom Treguard humiliates in Sherwood Forest. He becomes a firm enemy; look out for him in later books.
Robin Hood, Paul Littlejohn [SEE: Little John], Friar Tuck and others: They help Treguard escape the Sheriff's men, and find Folly and the magic shield.
The Sheriff of Nottingham: Robin Hood's most famed enemy oversees the Nottingham Joust and arranges Treguard's imprisonment.
Brian of Gascony: The owner of the magic shield: Treguard has to defeat him in the joust to obtain this vital weapon of defence.
The Black Knight: The Gruagach's champion. He's been sent to kill Treguard, but he's only an evil spirit in a suit of armour: he's unintelligent and vulnerable.
Folly: After being rescued from the Black Knight by the Merry Men, he guides Treguard towards his victory at Knightmare Castle.
Merlin: He appears to Treguard in a dream and gives useful advice about the turbulent times ahead.
Eric of Northumberland: Leader of the rebellion against Vestan by those members of his army who owe loyalty to Treguard.
Granitas: The grumpy wall monster is just one of the challenges that Treguard and Folly face during their journey through the Dungeon.

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2. Can you Beat the Challenge
First of the series of seven Knightmare books. Co-authored by Tim Child and Dave Morris. First published in 1988 at bargain price of £1.99. 144 Pages.
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