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1. Campbell
McGrew became violent when he mistook a dungeoneer (namely Ross, from Team 6 of Series 3) for a "murderous Campbell dog" using "devilish cunning" to effect a disguise. No explanation was given.

Perhaps the implication was that the Campbells and McGrews were rival clans. Campbell was the surname of Knightmare's first dungeoneer, David, though this may be mere coincidence. Another possibility is that McGrew had real-world history in mind: the Campbells constituted a large and formidable Scottish Clan, with many battle victories to their name. Robert Campbell's perpetration of 'murder under trust' at the Massacre of Glencoe in 1692 may be at the root of McGrew's anti-Campbell sentiments.

Cam Beul, meaning 'crooked mouth' in Gaelic, is the origin of the name Campbell.

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