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A spell given by Merlin to Team 11 of Series 3. The wizard described it as a "universal remedy", able to be used on Dungeon folk, or on Martin the dungeoneer. In the event, CURE was cast to restore Motley's voice, which had been magically removed after an altercation with Hordriss. Some would say that this makes the name of spell rather ironic. However, it guaranteed that Motley was willing to reciprocate, helping Martin to proceed to Level 3.

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CURE also features as a spell in Mindscape's 1991 Knightmare computer game. A healer can use CURE to remedy the poisoning (especially snake-related) of a fellow player.

On a barely related point, a band called The Cure had a hit called 'Friday I'm In Love'. Maybe they were Knightmare fans too.

In the 1991 Knightmare computer game from Mindscape, Cure is a spell that priests can use to counteract poison.

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