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A spell that featured in Knightmare's final quest, that of Team 7 of Series 8. Given by Sidriss, the team cast it to win favour with Smirkenorff ('creeping'), who then gave them a BURST spell to help them along the Corridor of Blades. It's tempting to say that perhaps Smirkenorff's docile compliance at the end of the quest - being treated like a dog by Treguard and ordered to retrieve dungeoneer Oliver from Level 3 - was the residual effect of the CREEP spell. But the spell wore off while Oliver was still in Smirkenorff's room, returning the dragon to a less kindly demeanour.

Oddly, the procedural casting of BURST was never shown, so CREEP is arguably the last spell that was ever cast on Knightmare.

Provided By: David, 2007-10-16 15:04:41
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