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Short for Complete Computer Entertainment Guide, CCEG was a computer hardware and software magazine published quarterly by Newsfield during the 1990s. Its Spring 1991 issue featured a 3-page article about the forthcoming launch of Cyberzone, Broadsword's VR gameshow (see Issues 2.1 and 2.2 of The Quest, available on The article, titled Enter the Cyberzone and written by CCEG's Associate Editor Paul Boughton, includes comments from Tim Child ('People [in the TV industry] no longer question me as they did. They say, "He's mad, but his ideas worked last time"') plus several paragraphs on Knightmare and the technology behind it, as well as some covering The Satellite Game. While no pictures of either series are featured, there is one of Craig Charles - star of Red Dwarf (no pun intended), presenter of Cyberzone and honorary member of KAC - looking most enthusiastic.

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