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1. BillyH
Username of Billy Hicks on the Knightmare Discussion Forum. Registering with the most recent forum incarnation during November 2002, BillyH's first post was an optimistic one: 'Hey, these forums are good! I think I'm going to like it here.' He has made over 500 posts since. His forum contributions include filks, episode synopses and the thread originally titled 'Billy's Picky Website Corrections', which has helped to boost the accuracy of's content.

Strange things were afoot during 2004, when the BillyH imitators arrived. On 27/06/04, MillyH registered on the Discussion Forum. They were followed by TillyH on 06/07/04 and, as if that weren't enough, LillyH on 11/12/04! The email addresses given for these accounts were likewise parodies of BillyH's: no posts were made, no explanations given. The Milly, Tilly and Lilly accounts were never a match for the orignal, and have now been deleted.

In February 2008, having announced the permanent alteration of his Knightmare Chat username from Billy1987-1994 to just the forename ('It's quicker to type and no one will think I died 14 years ago anymore'), Billy shortened his Knightmare Discussion Forum screen name from BillyH to Billy.

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