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 [Related Image] Heggatty gave this spell to Team 3 of Series 6 in exchange for a Medusa eye. BEAUTY was spellcast on Sidriss, to counter her anxiety about appearing ugly. Gladdened by the spell, she rewarded the team with a password.
The Quest (Volume 2, Number 1) featured a cartoon by Arlo Wörts on the theme of Sidriss and BEAUTY spells.
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Much earlier, during Team 5 of Series 2's quest, Mildread and Gretel were found working on an 'everlasting beauty spell' for the latter, but a lack of frogs' eyes meant it could not be completed. (Then again, maybe it was, for that might explain where Mellisandre came from...)

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 [Related Image] A bottle (and thus, most likely, a potion) labelled Beauty appeared on Knightmare's last ever clue table, on Level 3 in the quest of Team 7 of Series 8. The team left it, but because the quest ended so soon afterward, we do not know whether or not the Beauty would have been neeeded.

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