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1. bat
From TES issue 54 (November 2008)

Series 3. Level 1/2/3.
 [Related Image] We all know how much the Knightmare production team liked to play around with their computers to create digital creatures, and in preparation for series 3, they created bats. As they flew at the camera from the darkest recesses of caves or dwarf tunnels, the bats created a fleeting impression of large black wings and long pointed teeth, which is all there was to them really, but I’m sure they were pretty scary to some young Knightmare fans at the time, myself included.

By far the most common place to see bats was in dwarf tunnels, when they would often fly over the dungeoneer’s head, snapping their teeth at the camera. The same effect was used a couple of times in the first cave of the Cavern Range; the one with the two stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Of course, this was only to be expected – what self-respecting Dungeon wouldn’t have a few bats lurking in its dank, dark tunnels and caverns? A few bats flapping past could do plenty to unnerve a group of jumpy advisors, although they couldn’t really cause any harm whatsoever to the dungeoneer, being entirely computer-generated.

Of course, the bats were designed to be something of a threat, as McGrew made clear during his lengthy level two jaunt with dungeoneer Ross: ”This is nae a safe place to be; these bats are poisonous!” – McGrew. However, although the CG effects were, as ever, very nice, I think we all knew that Ross wasn’t really in any danger. Still, despite not being a real threat, the bats added a nice bit of atmosphere to the show, and I tend to regard them as a positive aspect of Knightmare, personally.

However, there is a small fly in the ointment. In addition to the CG bats, there were also a couple of occasions (in the Stained Glass Window Chamber and the Mills of Doom) when we saw a couple of bats flying through that were obviously made out of black paper and kitchen roll tubes. These really did look a bit naff, I’m afraid. As Treguard would say, ooh nasty!

Fear Factor: 6 This was their main function, without doubt.
Killer Instinct: 0 Never even the slightest chance of bagging a victim.
Gore Factor: 7 Sharp teeth, flapping wings, poisonous fangs… nasty!
Humanity: 2 A distant mammalian connection.

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