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1. Algiz
 [Related Image] Although the symbol on the floor by the right-hand portal in the Great Corridor of the Catacomb most closely resembles the Greek letter psi, it's arguably more interesting to regard it as a stylised form of Algiz, a rune to which psi is related.
 [Related Image] Algiz ("all-yeese") has relatives in many anicent alphabets, including Etruscan, but is itself part of the Norse 'Elder Futhark' runic alphabet. In its most rudimentary form, it consists of three straight lines and looks like a Y with the main stem extended upwards. It is equivalent to the letter R in terms of sound. In rune divination (i.e. fortune-telling with runestones), algiz represents defence and protection; so having it in front of a right-hand door, the 'safe exit' from a Dungeon chamber where no other indication was given, makes sense.

The other symbol seen in the Great Corridor of the Catacomb is gar, also a rune.

Above, an algiz can be seen on Rothberry's outfit during his 1st appearance (quest:Team 1 of Series 7).
 [Related Image] While most clue object talismans seen on Knightmare were based on gar, there was one based on algiz on Level 1 of Team 3 of Series 4's quest. The team did not take it.
 [Related Image] Team 3 of Series 1 used an algiz talisman as a "key" for the algiz portal in the Great Corridor of the Catacomb (even though the portal had no visible lock or barrier in place), with dungeoneer Simon holding it aloft as he approached and entered the doorway.
 [Related Image] This picture shows the algiz that is faintly visible on the cover of Can You Beat The Challenge?, aka the 1st Knightmare book.

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