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1. #knightmare weddings
Rebecca Jane "Becxsmagic" Cook married Caei-the-bot-who-I-didn't-give-a-surname-to in a double wedding on Sunday 13th November 2005. The wedding was officiated by the Very Hon. Rev Pooka Timely. Billy Hicks was the doorman, Darren played the father of the bride (me) and miraculously turned up just in time, Snowwie's mom the mother of the bride, Cypher the bridesmaid, Chloe the chef, Keith the MC and waiter, Lord Fear the organist and best man and Aranel the flowergirl.
The couple walked down the aisle to "Here comes the bride." The wedding cake was chocolate. Lord Fear caught the bouquet.
Bex proposed on Saturday 12th November 2005 and this was the first ever #knightmare wedding. Originally this was to be a single wedding, this was changed when Snowwie and Lord Fear also decided to get married. And since the reception was already paid for...

In a double wedding, Emilia Pullianinen (Snowwiewolf) married Nagash Ikari (Lord Fear) on Sunday 13th November 2005, the same day they became betrothed.
The wedding was officiated by the Very Hon. Rev Pooka Timely. Billy was the doorman, Ark played the father of the bride, Snowwie's mom the mother of the bride, Chloe the chef, Keith the MC and waiter, Becxsmagic the organist and best man and Aranel the flowergirl.
The couple walked down the aisle to Vengeance is Mine.
The wedding cake was metal and was never cut due to mad random snogging on Snowwiewolf's part.
Lord Wraith caught the bouquet and as soon as Snowwie is divorced, will marry Snowwie.

Both weddings had their difficulties:
Caei wouldn't stop flirting
Snowwiewolf wouldn't stop snogging
Ark wanted to marry Snowwiewolf
Becxsmagic delayed the second wedding by a few seconds
Several people shouted to stop the weddings, then said they had their weddings crossed.
(Caei) got cold feet
Julia and Jon never turned up
The flower girl was late and we almost had to resort to the flower cannon.

All in all, the services were beautiful if not random. The log: *click here*

#knightmare weddings: 2nd round
Benjamin "Pooka" Charles Maydon married Emilia "Snowwiewolf" Pullianinen on Friday 27th January. This was Snowwiewolf's second marriage but was planned more in advance as they had a week to think about it. This match was clouded in drama, as both Robin John "Mashibinbin" Barlow and Pooka wished to marry Snowwiewolf, but it was Pooka's song written for Snowwiewolf that clinched the deal. Until on the heat of the moment Mashibinbin asked that Rebecca Jane "Becxsmagic" Cook officiate their marriage. At exactly 22:28 Pooka entered the channel and stopped the wedding, as Mashibinbin was tied up Pooka and Snowwiewolf continued with the wedding.
Becxsmagic officiated, Darren was the best man but got tired and left before the wedding.

This wedding had it's problems besides the switcharound of grooms:
Keith interrupted the wedding in which Mashibinbin was groom to inform the wedding party that Chantelle had won Big Brother
Snowwiewolf kept walking into the wall and had to be reguided to the groom in both cases.
Here's the log if you don't believe me.

#knightmare weddings 3: Back with a Vengeance and a Music Video on 25/02/2006.
Due to blowing up the book of marriage laws Becxsmagic caused the third set of #knightmare weddings. Everyone who had ever been married in #knightmare was now single. So Bex and Caei signed the book, on the one condition that Bex should win the lottery. This made their previous illegal marriage legal once again.
But the big event was Snowwiewolf. She couldn't decide whether to marry Pooka or Mashibinbin. This debate was to be settled by a song and a round of Blind Date questions. Pooka submitted a music video and Mashibinbin submitted a song via PM.
For the next round, the suitors were asked which two boys Snowwiewolf had had a crush on in school. Mashibinbin correctly identified Noob Saibot and Pooka guessed Juhani. The next question was to identify the colour of wigs used in chat, Pooka stated the correct colour, which was blonde.
In a nutshell, Snowwiewolf and Pooka signed the book. The difference between these marriages and the past two is in these marriages, there has been no ceremony, just a signing of the #knightmare marriage law book.

Provided By: Becxsmagic, 2006-02-25 00:37:13
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