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1. Interactive Story #3
Yes, there was even an Interactive Story #3. With Interactive Story #1 long finished, and Interactive Story #2 seemingly abandoned, it was once again up to Emii to create it, this time on the 27th April 2004.

As with the second one, however, it didn't prove to be as successful as the first. After three pages on the 2nd June 2004, the story just, well, stopped, even though it was just getting started. It remained in this state of limbo for over a year, until Mashibinbin (Robin John Barlow) wrote an ending on the 8th September 2005, the same day one was written for the Interactive Story #2. Unfortunately, Mashi's original ending, which took over two hours to type, was deemed to be 'too long' by the forum software, and then erased by Internet Explorer. Therefore, he was forced to simply write a summary of it. Only eight different members contributed this time- in chronological order, these were Emii, HStorm, Snowcat, Semtex Jack, Skarkill, Fidjit, Visage and Mashibinbin, slightly down from the 11 each in Interactive Stories #1 and #2.

The thread containing the full story remains here, and a brief summary follows.

A mysterious blue cloaked figure arrives at Knightmare Castle, intent on giving Treguard a message of 'great importance'. At the castle, he reveals his name is Tellemachi, a firelord, and his people in the Volcano Zones are under threat from Aesandre and Winteria. Eventually, they agree to set off to what was once Marblehead for a meeting with Lord Fear. They get there, and find that he is now known as Viscount Fear. He agrees to help, and they summon Hordriss, now remarried to Phyliss, and who's son-in-law is Motley. They summon Aesandre, and attempt to overpower her, but Aesandre simply laughs at this pathetic attempt. However, in a bizarre twist of fate, Aesandre laughs so hard she wets and freezes her infamous 'icy knickers', which incapacitate her. She is sent to the firecaves, where Tellemachi will work out a peace deal.

(Originally posted on 2005-03-23 12:31:02)

Provided By: Billy, 2005-09-08 23:02:12
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