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1. Isárion
 [Related Image] Prince Isárion is an Opposition character who appears in RPG Season 6. He was created, and played, by Pooka. As with Robin, Pooka wrote a short fanfic detailing Isárion's origin story, including the death of his father, and the disappearance of his servant, named Blaine.

Isárion is a rebellious young prince, aged 19, who has control over large areas of Level 2. He has a castle which bridges Levels 2 and 3 - so even if the Dungeoneer does not encounter the prince, they have to pass through the castle to enter the third level. Isárion himself is officially aligned with Lord Wraith, but his first priority is himself, and his constant obsession - games, such as Combat Chess, dice, cards and so on.

Dungeoneers passing through Isárion's Castle in the RPG will have to play a game with him if he appears. If they win, they can move on, occasionally with assistance, but if they lose, Isárion will probably kill them.

Isárion keeps in touch with other bad guys with a spyball, but is more of a loner. In terms of company, he has only ever been seen with Ruke, whom he tolerates, despite her not being his official assistant.

Isárion was not seen again after Season 6. "Level 5", a fanfic by Pooka set in between RPG seasons, details an encounter which led to Isárion's death at some point preceding RPG Season 7. Prior to writing this scene, Pooka had decided that Isárion was gay, although this had never been explicit in the RPG itself. His last spoken word, "Blaine", hints that his final thought was of his former manservant.

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