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1. What’s Up Doc
Saturday morning ITV children's programme. It had three series between 1992 and 1995. Warner Brothers cartoons were an element of each programme, hence the use of Bugs Bunny's catchphrase for the title.

What's Up Doc? was sometimes promoted before episodes of Knightmare, either by the CITV presenter, or via a brief 'hand-over' to the What's Up Doc? presenters in their studio, or by a CITV advert. On one occasion in 1992, Simon Perry, a character from What's Up Doc?, was a guest on CITV and introduced Episode 11 of Knightmare Series 6 alongside Tommy Boyd. (Simon Perry was an awkward cheese obsessive played by Stephen Taylor Woodrow.)

What's Up Doc?'s three presenters all have connections of one sort or another to the world of Knightmare. Andy Crane had reportedly interviewed Hugo Myatt (Treguard) on Motormouth (a Saturday morning forerunner of What's Up Doc?) in 1990; Yvette Fielding went on to host Most Haunted alongside Jason Karl, a.k.a. winning dungeoneer Julian Smith from Team 10 of Series 2; and Pat Sharp (who also presented Fun House) has, for one reason or another, often been discussed by Knightmare fans. In 2013, he was returned to Saturday morning television via Challenge's repeats of Fun House, which were paired with repeats of Knightmare. In some episodes of Fun House, Pat would plug What's Up Doc? (and vice versa).

Further information on What's Up Doc? is available on this webpage.

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