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1. Cuéllar Castle
A 15th century castle in the town of Cuéllar, in the Segovia province of Spain. Also known as the Castle of the Dukes of Alburquerque.
 [Related Image] It is here that Team 5 of Series 7 found Fidjit locked in the pillory, and took their sweet time deciding whether to help him or not. He then guided Ben to a portal hidden in the corner turret.
 [Related Image] This area was more commonly used as a Level 1 clue room, and dungeoneers would exit through the archway to their right.
 [Related Image] The opposite end (described as "a sort of alleyway") was also used as a clue room once in Series 7. The keep or Tower of Homage, which now houses the town's Tourist Office, is visible in the background.
 [Related Image] This castle also featured in the end credits of Series 7 episode 9, being guarded by a giant cat.

Castillo de Cuéllar is open to the public. Click here to visit the website.

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