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1. Wellway guards
Wellway rooms, or more accurately wellways, were often guarded. These guards (or uncooperative occupants) had to be appeased with a password, satiated with an item, deterred via a spell, frightened away, or simply evaded at speed. The list includes:
 [Related Image] < Gibbet: Both his appearances were as a Level 2 wellway room guard during Series 1. Team 3 of Series 1 could have got past him with a magic anvil, but didn't; Team 6 of Series 1 got past him with a password.
 [Related Image] > Gumboil: Guarded Level 1 wellways. Team 4 of Series 1 used an ITCH spell against him. Team 2 of Series 2 had the password Gumboil was looking for (feldspar). Team 4 of Series 2 did not, but were able to bribe Gumboil with gold.
 [Related Image] < Mildread: Series 2, Level 1. Turned her cauldron into a well for Team 3 of Series 2 and Team 5 of Series 2 (although the latter team's well led to the Monster's Stomach rather than down to Level 2 proper).
 [Related Image] > Mogdred: Or rather, his giant hand, during Quest 3 of Series 2. Thing from The Addams Family should have sued.
 [Related Image] < Cavern wraith: Team 7 of Series 2 scared it away on Level 1 with a dagger.

- Olaf: Team 10 of Series 2 fobbed him off with an 'invisible' stone in Level 2.
 [Related Image] < Cedric: Team 7 of Series 2 found him in the Level 2 wellway room. SHOVEL would have dealt with him, but the team failed to cast it.
 [Related Image] > Automatum: Advanced on several Series 2 teams in the wellway room. Team 13 of Series 2 used a RUST spell on him.
 [Related Image] > Mrs. Grimwold and Festus: Present in the Level 1 wellway room in Quests 2, 3 and 12 of Series 3. Appreciated receiving a bone for Festus.
 [Related Image] < Axe: An executioner's axe descended towards Leo from Team 4 of Series 3 as he climbed into the Level 1 wellway.

- Grimwold: Series 3. Sometimes tried to attack dungeoneers in the wellway room. On one occasion, Mrs. Grimwold restrained him; on another, the dungeoneer had no escape and the ogre got his prey, in what was technically a wellway room without a wellway (SEE crayon).
 [Related Image] > Skull ghost: Harangued Julie from Team 10 of Series 3. Ditto Nicky from Team 3 of Series 4.

- Behemoth/original frightknight: Dungeoneer Martin of Team 11 of Series 3 used his GHOST form to scare the armoured guard away. Team 1 of Series 4 used a dagger that gave dungeoneer Helen invisibility.
 [Related Image] < Assassin: Alistair of Team 2 of Series 4 shouted at it to leave, though it was returning as he climbed into the well.

- Lizard: Team 4 of Series 4 used an hour-glass to freeze the giant reptile (although it looked rather sedentary anyway).
 [Related Image] > Fatilla: Guarded wellway rooms (including an outdoor wellway) in Series 4. Team 5 got past him with a key, Team 7 of Series 4 with gold and a JOKE spell, Team 8 of Series 4 with a (fatal?) SNIFF bottle.

Can You Beat The Challenge? (gamebook) features six wellway rooms, four of them with sentinels: a Morning Star (which is akin to a flail), cavernwights, and two unnamed guards seeking passwords.

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