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1. toadodile
It would arguably be misleading to devote a Lexicon entry to Knightmare Series 2's toadodile without acknowledging that Jake Collins wrote about this creature for The Eye Shield (TES) fanzine in 2005, kindly sharing his article in the Lexicon in 2007 (see: giant amphibian).

In writing about the toadodile myself, I will quote from that earlier TES article using italics.

A large green creature that sometimes floated around at the far end of the [variants of the Great Corridor of the Catacomb] in Series 2, and was apparently a threat to dungeoneers.

The toadodile was encountered by four teams and two characters in Series 2:

Team 6 of Series 2, Level 1
"Something is coming!" intoned Treguard gleefully. This portrayed the as yet unnamed creature as an advancing menace, even though it proved not to be so mobile.
 [Related Image] The green light in which the corridor was bathed complemented the toadodile and may even have been magically emanating from it.

After being wrongly guided to the exit with the Cup, Treguard reminded the team of their quest object and dungeoneer Akash was redirected left to the exit with the Sword while the toadodile looked on.

With the team already in losing status after multiple blunders, the toadodile may have longed to finish them off but left that to Lillith. Her description of Akash as a greenhorn may have endeared him to the toadodile, but it was too late.

Team 7 of Series 2, Level 2
Having quizzed the team on the Minotaur, Merlin forewarned them that they would "meet [their] own monster" and, upon doing so, should "take the first left to escape". When later faced with the toadodile, dungeoneer Neil took the nearest left-hand exit from the corridor.

Treguard cautioned the team: "You don't have magic powerful enough to deal with this entity." As well as implying that the toadodile could pose a serious threat, this discouraged the team from prematurely using the SHOVEL spell they were carrying. In the event, the team failed to cast the spell at all, wrongly recalling it as SPADE.
 [Related Image] Team 9 of Series 2, Level 2
The toadodile is encountered by dungeoneer Jamie and Cedric the monk, who advanced to "keep it busy" with his quarterstaff while Jamie exited to the left (the portal has a crown, his quest object, above it). Cedric had agreed in the previous room to journey along with Jamie, hoping for "some action" for his "staff arm".

We don't fully hear what Cedric calls the creature, except that it includes "you toad". Given that Cedric called Team 7's dungeoneer "toad features", this doesn't tell us an awful lot.

Team 10 of Series 2, Level 2
Dungeoneer Julian was travelling with Folly the jester when they entered the corridor and Folly exclaimed: "Yikes! it's a toadodile!" Folly's use of "toadodile" was instructive (watchers now knew what to call the creature), as was his use of "a" (implying other toadodiles existed elsewhere).

Folly continued: "Quick, Julian. I'll try to hold it back while your friends guide you out. Good luck." As Julian exited to the right, Folly approached the toadodile, brandished his bauble at it and jumped nimbly from side to side. The creature did indeed stay back and was never seen again.

Two series later, the jester Motley evoked this encounter when he singlehandedly repelled Ariadne, protecting Giles from Team 8 of Series 4.

Folly and Cedric were both forced to 'hold off' toadadiles during the course of Series 2 so that the dungeoneers they had been escorting could escape, but it was really just an excuse for the partnership to come to an end.
 [Related Image] Although the spelling 'toadadile' was used in TES, 'toadodile' is more reflective of a fusion of toad and crocodile, even though the creature has no obvious resemblance to a crocodile.

The toadodile's ethereal appearance and limited movement are reminiscent of the catacombite in Series 1-3, suggesting a similar effect was used to create both.

Interestingly enough, the toadadile was seen again six years later in Virtually Impossible, as a more tangible CG threat for the contestants in an area called Castle Future.

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2. toadodile
 [Related Image] Presumably amphibious creature found in a location similar to (and occaionally named as) the Great Corridor of the Catacomb throughout Series 2.

It was a large, green, animated frog-like creature which hovered in the air and made an alarming noise, but never made any attempt to harm a dungeoneer. Like many of the reptiles and other creatures in early-series Knightmare, its appearance was probably only for shock value.

The name "toadodile" (the spelling is conjecture) was mentioned by Folly to Team 10 of Series 2 while they were in the second level. Upon encountering one, the jester distracted it while dungeoneer Julian made good his escape.

Six years later, Knightmare's successor programme Virtually Impossible featured a similar creature with a similar name. This larger, human-sized monster was called a "toadile". It managed to kill one Ranger, thereby making it more successful than its earlier counterpart!

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