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 [Related Image] Treguard cast this spell to return dungeoneer Karen (from Team 13 of Series 2) to the antechamber, as the end of the phase of the Dungeon forced the cessation of her quest. An inset of Treguard's face appeared on the screen as he spellcast, though the letters of RETURN did not.

In Series 3 and 4, Treguard used UNITE for the same purpose.

Team 1 of Series 7 were given a spell called RETURN by Grimaldine, but their quest failed before they got the opportunity to cast it.
 [Related Image] Team 6 of Series 7 were given RETURN by Greystagg, who had been summoned after the team vanquished Lord Fear and redeemed their quest object.
 [Related Image] When it was cast, dungeoneer Julie flew up through the Dungeon and returned to the antechamber, thereby completing the quest. [ITV Children's Classics clip]

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