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1. honey
A sweet substance made by bees from the nectar of flowers. Honey appeared in Knightmare as a useful clue object, though not as an item of food for the dungeoneer.
 [Related Image] Team 8 of Series 2 picked up a jar of honey in the Level 2 clue room, discovering that it attracted bees when the lid was removed. This came in handy in the next room when they encountered Olaf who, like Winnie the Pooh, was extremely fond of the stuff. He couldn't resist eating it straight away, and the resulting swarm of invisible bees distracted him long enough for Stuart to hurry past. (The same effect was used again in the very next quest, with the Troll and a jar of humbugs.)
 [Related Image] The honey trick made a comeback three years later, when Team 7 of Series 5 found a jar in the Level 1 clue room. It was used to get past Skarkill, who wasn't satisfied with their offer of a gem but did confess to having "a very sweet tooth". This time the Watchers could actually see the bees as well as hearing them. A bizarre but highly entertaining "remix" of this scene was uploaded by YouTube user m0gdred, who has since removed it.

When Smirkenorff was introduced in Series 5, an article in The Quest implied that "a large pot of honey" could be used to win him over, but this was never mentioned in the programme - he was only ever paid with silver, gold, dragon mints and firestones, while another team were advised to use aniseed.

A pot of honey also appears in the gamebook section of The Labyrinths of Fear, as one of the first clue objects that may be chosen from a chest in Mildread's room. In this case it can be eaten to restore the player's life force, but alternatively it may allow them to survive a ghoul bear attack, diverting the monster's attention so they can escape. A honeycomb food item can be purchased from the village market in the Sorcerer’s Isle gamebook, or stolen from a troll's beehive in The Future King.

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