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1. Goblin
From TES issue 10 (July 2001)

Series 3/4/5/6/7/8. Level 1/2/3.
 [Related Image] Surely these little critters are the most famous in Knightmare's history! The warty-faced cave goblins scuttled around all levels of the Dungeon in series 3-8, blowing their hunting horns; that infamous screech became a clear sign that danger was nearby. Hunting in the Dungeon and the Greenwood, throughout all three levels, meeting a group of goblins, which could contain anything from two to six of the creatures, was always dangerous. A speedy exit, spell, or rescue by a character was required in these situations.
The goblins claimed one victim during their time in the Dungeon: series 3 dungeoneer Julie. Having failed to earn Merlin's magic earlier on, Julie was powerless to stop a group of four goblins from overwhelming her in the Corridor of the Catacombs. Three goblins were given names, principally the brothers Grippa and Rhark, who featured in series 5, 6 and 7. They hunted dungeoneers under the guidance of Skarkill, and later Raptor and Sylvester Hands. The other goblin to be named was the hobgoblin of series 5 and 6, Tiny. Hobgoblins were exactly like goblins, except about three times larger: very intimidating. However, hobgoblins were very infrequently seen on Knightmare: Tiny made one appearance in person in both series 5 and series 6. There were two other hobgoblin sightings, in series 3 and 8.
Goblins will always be a memorable part of Knightmare, as for six years they always seemed to be lingering close by, leading to urges from Treguard, Pickle and Majida to get a move on.
Fear Factor: 9 Built up quite a reputation.
Killer Instinct: 5 One victim is more than most.
Humanity: 7 More closely linked in mythology to humans than faerie.
Gore Factor: 6 Quite ugly.

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2. Goblin
The Knightmare goblin has been the inspiration for various Discussion Forum users' screen names:

Grippa+Rhark: A display name that was a far cry from the account username, katie. Registering in November of 2002, she made 8 posts, although Mystara deleted her account during 2009.

Goblinhorn: Joined in April 2003, but with a post count that remained at zero, did not made a sound. Also deleted by Mystara in 2009.

mattymoo_goblin: Joined in October 2003, and made 32 posts between that time and June 2004. Hailing from Shropshire, his favourite KM series were the last three: 'What I really liked about them was the music that added so much tension especially in Series 8 with the Reach Wand and the sound of a troll approaching. Really had me shouting at the screen.' Indeed, mattymoo_goblin's posts tended only to be concerned with Series 6-8.

nightgoblin: Joined the Discussion Forum in November of 2009.

The Knightmare Roleplay Forum also has goblin accounts. George the Goblin visited the Crazed Heifer during 2004, and a goblin named Forkenspoon was active in 2007 as a Wolfenden market trader.

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