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1. gauntlet
A sometimes useful clue object that appeared in almost every series of Knightmare.
 [Related Image] One of its uses was apparently for bomb disposal, but this was never shown to the watchers, as both teams perished in bomb rooms due to errors made in the Level 1 clue room. Team 1 of Series 2 received no help from Mildread as they had nothing she wanted; when dungeoneer Martin was subsequently blown up, Treguard revealed that "The armourer's gauntlet could have saved you, but the secret of its use, you never earned". Douglas (Team 8 of Series 3) favoured gold over the glove, having failed to gain any hints from Brangwen. Treguard later explained how the armourer's gauntlet might have prevented his explosive exit: "It freezes the fuse, don't you know."
 [Related Image] Team 12 of Series 2 used a talisman of invisibility to confuse a troll and impress Mildread. So that dungeoneer Steven would remain visible at other times, he carried it in a gloved hand.
 [Related Image] Golgarach told Team 3 of Series 3 to "Accept the mark of the challenge". They later threw down the gauntlet to Velda in order to prove they were on a quest.
 [Related Image] Team 5 of Series 2 were also advised to "Accept the challenge" by the Oracle of Confusion, but didn't pick up on the clue, and were forced into a dead end when something nasty blocked their exit: "Catacombites, if handled at all, must be handled with kid gloves. Here, you needed the gauntlet to subdue this monster."
 [Related Image] By contrast, Team 4 of Series 2 had to leave it behind. Igneous informed them: "The gauntlet is merely my challenge, which you have met well."
 [Related Image] Igneous' advice to Team 8 of Series 2 was "She will not wear a man's glove". They rejected the leather gauntlet in favour of a white silken glove, which Lillith accepted as a gift.
 [Related Image] Team 9 of Series 2 had a gauntlet among their clue objects on both Levels 1 and 2. The first wasn't needed, and they correctly took the second but died before its purpose was revealed.
 [Related Image] Team 7 of Series 4 left a gauntlet in Oakley's glen, having discovered it was a red herring: "The glove holds nothing."
 [Related Image] Team 3 of Series 6 found a mail gauntlet with a scroll instructing: "Give him a Great Big Hand!" When Lord Fear's giant hand started menacing Alan, he donned the gauntlet, summoning another giant hand to restrain his foe.
 [Related Image] Team 6 of Series 6 chose a similar item after a scroll advised: "It wears well, but only in extremity. Handle with care. Use once..." They later learned that it was "the notorious Hand of Atrab", an arcane relic with the power to defeat the Opposition. Sophia did not make it to the final encounter, but some fans have speculated that she would have used the gauntlet in the same way as Alan.
 [Related Image] Unneeded gauntlets were also found in clue rooms by the following:
- Team 5 of Series 1
- Team 2 of Series 3
- Team 5 of Series 6
- Team 2 of Series 7
- Team 2 of Series 8
- Team 4 of Series 8

In the first episode of Le Chevalier du Labyrinthe (the French version of Knightmare), the team were told that a gauntlet protects the hand, and were asked to name the piece of armour that protects the foot.

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