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1. divining rod
A forked stick, also known as a dowsing or witching rod, used to locate hidden things such as subterranean water, oil, metal ores, gemstones or tunnels. The rod is said to dip down or twitch when held over the target object.
 [Related Image] Divining rods were found as clue objects in four different quests, and needed to be taken in each case. When Team 8 of Series 2 left one in the Level 2 clue room, they were unable to determine the correct exit from a 4-door chamber, and dungeoneer Stuart ended up walking in circles until his life force ran out.
 [Related Image] Team 6 of Series 5 also came across one in Level 2, with a scroll giving the clue "It may get you out of a jam, if you twig it?"
 [Related Image] Pickle sensed that there was magic hidden in a castle courtyard, so Alex tried pointing the rod in different directions until a chest fell from the sky.
 [Related Image] Team 2 of Series 7 picked up a divining rod in Level 2 once Majida had explained its purpose, linking it to a scroll that read "Finders keepers, holder seekers hidden secrets". The next courtyard seemed empty, but a spyglass appeared as if by magic when Nicola walked around with the dowser.
 [Related Image] A scroll in the Level 1 clue room told Team 7 of Series 8 which objects they needed: "The book is for browsing, the stick is for dowsing."
 [Related Image] The divining rod was used in the same manner as the Reach wand, with Oliver's advisors guiding a pointer to reveal a secret door in the trapdoor chamber - the entrance to the infamous shortcut.

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