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1. Winteria
 [Related Image] Cold, snowy realm ruled by Queen Aesandre, which occupied Level 3 of the Dungeon in Series 5. It experienced a perpetual winter, and was home to the white wolf. Elita was seen there once on the run-up to Christmas, so perhaps it's also home to Father Christmas' workshop. Try getting to Winteria via your wardrobe, and you might just get lucky. Team 4 of Series 5 was the only one to visit Winteria, during which time dungeoneer Ben was magically furnished with a cloak to keep him warm.

Winteria is mentioned in The Dragon's Lair, where it is suggested that the place somehow exists outside normal time. Aesandre has an agent in Eighth Century Britain called Caedmon, supporting her continuing conflict with Treguard and the Powers That Be. In addition, there is a tunnel linking Britain of the Twentieth Century to Winteria, along which Treguard and his niece Fay head to battle Aesandre at the end of The Dragon's Lair.

Winteria has occasionally featured in storylines on the Knightmare Roleplay Forum.

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