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1. Unholy King
 [Related Image] Title used by a character from Knightmare RPG Season 2. By introducing himself to Treguard (RPG) in Session 1 with the statement that "my name isn't important, but I am known as the Unholy King to my enemies", he made plain his position, and emerged as the main villain of the season and a powerful successor to Lord Fear.
 [Related Image] The Unholy King was similar to Lord Fear in many ways. Through spyglass scenes he was seen in his throne room instructing minions in person or via screen - most often Blade - and thereby giving away information that the team-in-quest could use. In addition to a sarcastic wit that evoked Lord Fear's, he often delivered extremely blunt, contemptuous insults just for the sake of it: he called Blade a "stupid walking piece of sh*te", referred to Gezelda as a "silly little bitch" and Team 10 as "little sods". He also refused to acknowledge the Greater Game as a higher authority than himself and his whims, as demonstrated in Session 4 when he remodelled Level 2:

"Level 2 is my playground and I got bored of the old Level 2. So I've changed it to suit my persona ... The rules state that the dungeon cannot be changed under any circumstances, but what are they going to do? Throw me out?"

He was also aware of his heritage: he spoke of the fate of Lord Fear (RPG), and of Knightmare Series 3:

"Don't you remember the stories that were told about the old dungeon in 1989? Nobody beat that at all. Hell, there were only a few teams that reached Level 3. I seem to have beaten that record, up to now, and I intend to keep it that way." (Session 9)

The Unholy King showed a softer side just once, when in Session 9 he lamented the loss of Fluffy, a pet cat of his that had been eaten by goblins.
 [Related Image] Keen to show his power from the outset, the Unholy King appeared on Level 1 during Team 1's quest (see first picture) and seemed quite ready to kill them, but they escaped. In Session 4, he took leaves out of his forerunners' books by lowering a giant hand into the Dungeon. Nor could he resist an occasional evil laugh in the vein of Mogdred ("WUHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!") He spoke of a "mage repellent" facility at his disposal, and in Session 15 was able to effectively kidnap Merlin by tracking the wizard's teleportation frequency and blocking it. But just like Lord Fear, his bid for end-of-season supremacy ended in defeat: his zombie army was repelled by Team 10 with a magical talisman, and the zombies duly turned on the Unholy King and his palace's power generators, putting an end to his dominion. He did not return in later Knightmare RPG seasons.

The Unholy King was portrayed via text by Adam Battersby and drawn by Lucy a.k.a. Sidriss Starshine. After RPG2, she revealed on her website that there were 'two versions of the Season Finale that I created, one with the Unholy King's death and the other where he escapes. I was asked to do two of them so that Adam could choose which one he wanted, he didn't tell me the plot line though, which only added to the suspense for me!' In the event, it wasn't entirely clear to Watchers whether or not the Unholy King had survived: although his remains and helmet were seemingly found, the season closed with a close-up of the malevolent monarch.

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2. Unholy King
 [Related Image] The Unholy King was the main adversary and Leader of the Opposition throughout RPG Season 2. He was created by Adam Battersby and his character art was developed by Sidriss (aka Lucy Warriner). As Season 2 of the RPG had no voice or visual actors involved in its production, Adam "voiced" his lines via text, changing the font colour to red to indicate who was talking.

A hideous, spectral, skeletal figure, the Unholy King appeared via spyglass sequences throughout the series. He was threatening and gloating, in a similar manner to Lord Fear. In his first appearance, he was unfamiliar to Treguard, and introduced himself briefly thus:

"My name isn't important, but I am known as the Unholy King to my enemies, and to my friends, well, I don't have any so I wouldn't know. I look forward to seeing your teams. Bye Treguard, be seeing you, eh?"

Throughout the remainder of the series, he was seen to be attempting to despatch various teams as they made their way through the Dungeon. He was never actually seen out of his throne room; as the leader of the Opposition, he may have been an option for a final encounter character, but as no teams won RPG 2, that never happened.

The Unholy King appeared to be killed as Lord Fear (RPG) - yes, the Lord Fear - unleashed a plague of zombies which overran his throne room during the final session of the RPG. Merlin (RPG) spirited the team to safety, and as the Dungeon dissolved for end of season, Majida (RPG) commented on how all they could see of the King was his helmet. His final words were, "I'll get you, Dungeon Master!"
 [Related Image] However, the final ever screen of the season showed a close-up profile of the King for a few seconds, implying his ultimate survival. Adam intimated that he would return, but by the time RPG Season 3 came along, he made no re-appearance - new and more evil characters such as Lord Wraith, Ixia and Torseena took his place.

As such, it is unlikely the Unholy King will return, but he had a good success rate, having never been defeated by one dungeoneer... it took a plague of zombies to finish him off.

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