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This was the spell used to by Treguard in Series 3 and Series 4 to retrieve a surviving dungeoneer from the Dungeon, reuniting them with their advisors. The spell was cast at the end of some victorious quests, or when a quest was forced to end due to the onset of end-of-season phase shift.

The teams who experienced UNITE included:

Team 4 of Series 3 & Team 11 of Series 3 (the dungeoneer did not survive, but Treguard judged UNITE more appropriate than DISMISS, since both teams' proximity to victory made them champions. In these cases, UNITE dismissed the advisors rather than uniting them with their dungeoneer in the antechamber);

Team 12 of Series 3 (quest curtailed by phase shift. The team was brought back together in the antechamber, but Watchers never saw them being sent away);
 [Related Image] Team 6 of Series 4 (successful in their quest for the Crown. The wordplay ('you knight') was probably unintended. To dismiss the reunited team from the antechamber, HOME was used (by Merlin));
 [Related Image] Team 8 of Series 4 (quest curtailed by phase shift. Even after being reunited, DISMISS was still cast in order to send the team away).

UNITE was similar to the spells RETURN and HEROES, used in other series of Knightmare; and possibly UNITAS, although that spell was never cast.

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