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1. Treguard
The Dungeon Master within Knightmare. Although he only appeared to behave like a typical Dungeon Master during the first 4 seasons. For this reason it is unknown as to if he actually had any control over the events in the dungeon as a dungeon master in a typical RPG would. Treguard even used personification whilst mentioning it adding to the sense the dungeon might even be its own entity. Once the concept of the opposition was established his role became more that akin to a leader, in this case the leader of the powers that be. Treguard was essentially the host of the game to the viewers whom he would invite to watch in on the action temporarily breaking the fourth wall in order to communicate the most recent events and say farewell.

Treguard's origins or purposes were never truly defined early on and his sole wish was to obtain the quest objects. He did this through bringing young teams from the real world into the antechamber in which he resided. The team would then send forth a dungeoneer into the dungeon guided by the remaining team mates, better known as the advisors.

Treguard's primary function within the game was to assist the teams during their quest through general advice and common sense. Before his change into the kinder fellow seen later on he would on occassion laugh at the teams for their pitifull attempts. When teams failed in their quest he would rescuse their dungeoneer and spell-cast "DISMISS" in order to reunite them and send them on their way home. If a team managed success then he'd usually cast "HEROES" the process was similar except the team was given a reward for their success. Another spell he has used when the dungeon has begun to prepare the next phase (end of season) is "UNITE" although the teams were treated differently depending upon the particular season.

During Knightmare's earlier Seasons before the introduction of The Opposition Treguard's alliengece was never truly known. At times he could appear to be rather uncaring towards the teams that were sent forth into the dungeon.
 [Related Image] Once he gained an assistant Pickle in Season 4 and then a new form of bad guy in the way of Lord Fear it became more established that he was the leader of the Powers That Be within the dungeon and his sole purpose was to try and defeat Lord Fear.

At the dawn of Season 7 Pickle ran away leaving in his place Majida though as to which is the better assistant is a hotly debated topic.

Treguard was played by Hugo Myatt for the entire duration of Knightmare's run and makes an appearance in KMVR though only as a head giving the dungeoneer and assistant a little bit of advice.

Of all the memorable things about Knightmare Treguard is perhaps the 2nd most especially with his eye popping facial expressions and well known phrases like "Ooooooh Naaasty!". He is 2nd only to the Helmet of Justice which is perhaps so well known for it's rather distinguishing appearance.

Treguard's appearance was also subject to change throughout the Seasons of Knightmare the picture here depicts how he appeared during the original Season and the picture with him alongside Pickle is an example of how he typically appeared during the mid-stages of Knightmare. His costume and appearance changed noticably again when he was joined by Majida for Season 7.

The role of Treguard is one that the RPG group has also maintained within the productions and is played by Kieran. Further information on this incarnation of Treguard (RPG) is available.

Provided By: Forester, 2004-10-25 19:18:54
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2. Treguard
In RPG Season 1, and RPG Season 2, the Dungeon Master was portrayed by using a static picture in the Magic Mirror, a picture of the original Treguard from the TV Series.

By RPG Season 3 however, it was decided to have a voiceover for the character. The voiceover was provided by Kieran in early 2001, but was left unused as the season was unable to run for the full amount of instalments.

By RPG Season 4, the character finally appeared on-screen to resume his ante chamber duties, accompanied with new assistant Frégo. For this season, and for all subsequent seasons, the character was again played by Kieran.
 [Related Image]

This new, younger version of Treguard has remained with the RPG ever since, surviving plots from Lord Wraith and giving advice to in-game players and characters alike. His companion, Frégo, has remained faithful to him ever since the 4th season, with the female elf Kully aiding him in the antechamber for the latter part of RPG Season 5.

Treguard is perhaps the most symbolic character in the history of Knightmare, and this new version of the character is equally as helpful as the original, if not a little more dark and mysterious about his true self and his past.
 [Related Image]
Treguard continued to mind the dungeon in RPG Season 6, and kept a watchful eye over newcomers Gabriel and Morgaine, as well as anticipating old enemies such as Lord Wraith and Lucifer.

Treguard is still a force to be reckoned with in the Knightmare RPG.

Provided By: Kieran, 2004-11-05 02:55:22
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3. Treguard
From TES issue 26 (March 2004)

Series 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8.
 [Related Image] What is there to say about Treguard that would fully do him justice? To say that Hugo Myatt's powerfully bearded Dungeon Master personifies the whole concept of Knightmare might be a good start. It is an achievement indeed to have starred in all one hundred and twelve episodes of Knightmare over eight years, slotting neatly into each series with whatever differences in character traits and allegiances were necessary. As well as the role of the master of the Knightmare Dungeon, Treguard took on the position as the host of the programme, creating a special link with the watchers at home that other characters did not have.

The character of Treguard was explained and examined in detail in the first Knightmare book in 1988. He was the son of an English lord whose castle had been invaded and taken over by Vestan of Brittany. As the only survivor of Vestan's attack on his family, Treguard fled England and worked as a mercenary in continental Europe and the Holy Land. He returned to England ten years later with the intention of wresting his castle back from Vestan, but soon found himself involved in a potentially apocalyptic battle between good and evil. It was Knightmare Castle's new lord, the evil Gruagach, who set up the Knightmare challenge to tempt, trap and destroy brave young warriors in the Dungeon's depths. Treguard changed the emphasis of the challenge to a test of wit and guile when he won his castle back, and that was how the Knightmare we all know and love began.
 [Related Image] As each series of Knightmare changed slightly in style and concept, so too did the Dungeon Master. His most basic change was from the neutral master of the Dungeon in series 1-4 to the leader of the Powers that Be in series 5-8. There are many more subtle changes that only fifteen years' worth of obsessive Knightmare watching can fully reveal, but, thankfully, the same basic character of Treguard was always present. For this we can thank Hugo Myatt who, despite the enormous changes that the programme went through, managed to adapt Treguard to each new series without noticeably changing the character. The two costume changes brought the most marked changes in Treguard's demeanour, between series 2 and 3, and 6 and 7. You could say that because Knightmare changed so much during its eight-year run, we have Treguard to thank for keeping the show together and making each series recognisable from previous ones. My only slight disappointment in this area is that Treguard loses virtually all contact with the watchers in series 8 and is reduced mainly to annoying bantering with Majida, but I won't harp on about it.
 [Related Image] There are so many to choose from, but some of Treguard's most memorable scenes include his overenthusiastic commentary of Folly and Cedric's battle of insults in series 1, his somewhat haphazard attempts to help Julian and friends cope with Medusa in series 2, his annoyance at the early departure of the watchers after an episode in series 5, and his farcical meeting with Majida at the beginning of series 7, which was a jarring taster of things to come.

Treguard is undoubtedly the heart and soul of Knightmare, and I hope that my review here, although it could never fully do him justice, has revealed at least the basics of the character and his importance to the programme.

Fear Factor: 6 Got less scary as time went on, but still...
Killer Instinct: 0 The dungeoneers' fates were always out of his hands.
Humour Rating: 3 Usually very serious, but known to have the odd laugh.
Oscar Standard: 10 I wouldn't dare to fault Hugo Myatt's portrayal of Treguard, for where would Knightmare have ever been without it?

Provided By: Eyeshield, 2007-01-21 21:41:56
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4. Treguard
Naturally enough, Treguard the Dungeon Master appeared in the Knightmare-based audio play, Famous For Retreating. The part was played in this instance by Russell 'Ruzl' Odoni, whose portrayal of the character had a quality reminiscent of Russell Crowe, and even of Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies.

Provided By: Martin, 2007-12-23 23:42:12
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5. Treguard
Within the internet's Knightmare fan community, the username Treguard has most often been associated with Adam Battersby, who worked on several of the Knightmare RPGs, as well as producing the Knightmare Comic. He was one of the network54 Knightmare Discussion Forum's most prolific posters, with a total exceeding 270. His account on the next Knightmare Discussion Forum was created in November 2002 and last used for posting in February 2003. Adam has since been active on Twitter as @Treguard.

Other Forum usernames based on the name Treguard are:

Treguard001: Registered November 2003. Deleted 2009. No posts.

TreguardPobski69: 7+ posts since joining in April 2007. His username reflects an interest not just in Knightmare ('I had to join this Forum as I am a truly massive fan!!!!'), but also in another children's television series, 'Pob[']s Programme on Channel 4!!!!!'

PaulTreguard: Joined in 2013 and thought to be Paul Flannery, the actor behind Knightmare Live's version of Treguard. No posts were made prior to the account's deletion. He later rejoined the forum as TreguardLive.

On Twitter, the account @realtreguard posts comedic tweets in the guise of the Dungeon Master. The @KnightmareLive Twitter account was previously known as @NewTreguard.

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