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1. Team 1 of Series 7
From TES issue 9 (December 1997)
 [Related Image] SERIES 7 : QUEST FOR THE CUP


GUIDERS : Matthew Beale, David Roberts, Nicholas Herd
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 [Related Image] Level One : This was the first quest of the season, so Simon was the first ever dungeoneer to wear the new-look helmet. Treguard told the team that they were looking for the cup. In the dungeon, Simon went through some Dwarf Tunnels and was met by Romanha in a courtyard. Romanha was none too pleased too see him, after learning that Simon was looking for Smirkenorff, as she was sworn to protect him from the vengeful Lord Fear, who was still raging after Red Death descended upon Mount Fear a year earlier. Romanha warned Simon to avoid Smirky, or she would "pincushion" him. Majida was annoyed by this, but soon forgot Romanha as she spotted Gold on a clue table, along with some keys, and a Grimlock potion. Choosing Grimlock and the keys, the team were soon able to swap the Grimlock with Rothberry, who gave them a spyglass in return. This allowed them to see Lord Fear and Raptor discussing the Brollachan, at which point the creature itself arrived. At this point, Fear revealed his plan for the Brollachan to kill Smirky. Using this information to entrust Romanha, Simon was able to get to level two with Smirky's help, but only after Fidjit helped them pass through a locked door.
 [Related Image] Level Two : Simon arrived in the Valley of Angar, and soon met Grimaldine, who promised him a reward of powerful magic in return for information on how to enter Lord Fear's tower. Next, Simon found Sidriss trapped in a bottle, who said Hordriss would help Simon if he could return her to him. Also taking a green stone, Simon arrived in an inn, where the stone came in useful - Martha [Marta] gave him a spyglass in return for it. Through the spyglass, the team learned that the entrance to Lord Fear's tower was within the sewers of Goth. Grimaldine was pleased when they found him with this information. He rewarded Simon with the LOOK spell, which was invaluable in the fire room. After dodging the fireballs, Simon met Hordriss who was disguised as a tortoise, but quickly returned to normal when he saw that Sidriss was trapped. Hordriss repaid Simon by revealing a descender, which allowed the team to descend into Goth.
 [Related Image] Level Three : Lissard and Lord Fear gave Simon an insight into the perils that lay ahead in level three, as the team made use of a spyglass. Simon met up with Grimaldine once again in level three, and the Celtic wizard helped Simon to progress through the vile surroundings of the Sewers of Goth. However, Play Your Cards Right proved disastrous for them, as they struggled to make any progress at all. Eventually they made the wrong choice, and Simon plunged to the end of his quest. The quest had lasted until the third episode of the series.
 [Related Image] Summary : Easily one of the most enthusiastic teams to take the Knightmare challenge. However, this sometimes got the better of them, as Simon received a barrage of yells for instructions ! In the end this proved to be fatal.

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