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1. Staff of Saint Smasher the Aggressive
 [Related Image] Wooden stave that Brother Mace had with him when he encountered a goblin during the quest of Team 7 of Series 5. The monk was all set to use the "sacred staff" to "put an end" to the verminous creature, until he learned that it wasn't a goblin, but a changed dungeoneer named Christopher whom Mace had previously encountered. Had Christopher been unable to persuade Mace of his true identity, Knightmare might have had a second fatal bludgeoning of a 7th-team dungeoneer by a monk (SEE: Team 7 of Series 2).

Watchers are left to decide whether the Staff of St. Smasher was a genuine relic pertaining to a bona fide saint within the Knightmare realm, or simply a grandiose and comic name conceived by Brother Mace himself.

The prop reappeared as Treguard's team dismissal device in Series 6. The Dungeon Master did not refer to it as the Staff of St. Smasher the Aggressive, merely - and ironically - calling it "the mace".

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