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1. Smirkenorff
From TES issue 13 (January 2002)

Series 5/6/7/8. Level 1/2.
 [Related Image] The introduction of Smirkenorff the dragon to series 5 was a bold step forwards by the Knightmare production team. Dragons were no new concept, of course, but flying on one as part of the quest was. The Smirkenorff puppet was made by the company Talismen, and was about three metres long and took four people to make it fly. Making it appear many times bigger on the screen and flying dungeoneers across vast areas of countryside and seascape heralded the arrival of Smirkenorff the dragon to Knightmare. He was introduced in the first episode of series 5, giving Catherine a flight at the start of her quest. All quests in series 5 - except the last one (Kelly II) - began with either a ride on Smirkenorff, a trip in the Descender or a boat ride. Smirky also started providing flights between levels one and two in this series. Elita, who was his keeper and best friend in series 5 and 6, would skip up onto his back and demand payment for the flight, which was gold or silver in this series.
In series 6, both Smirkenorff and the Descender stopped appearing at the start of quests and turned their attention wholly to changing levels. Smirky was given a voice this series, that of Clifford Norgate, the man responsible for Hordriss. This allowed him to negotiate his own fares with dungeoneers, and revealed his character to be very proud and pompous - like Hordriss - but friendly and well-mannered. Smirky would agree to fly to level two as long as he was asked nicely and presented with the appropriate fare. In series 6 this could still be a precious metal, or a dragon mint. In series 7 he would only fly for firestones. It was also possible to earn a ride by appealing to Smirkenorff's vanity, if the dungeoneer had no fare to give him. He would chat quite happily and amiably to his passenger as they flew. In series 8, the flights stopped. Smirky appeared late on in this series, popping his head out of his level one pit. If he received a firestone from or was charmed with a spell by the dungeoneer then he would part with useful spells and advice. In series 6 and 7, dungeoneers and advisors were always pleased to meet Smirky as they had learned that it meant that they had almost completed the level. Smirkenorff proved his allegiance to the Powers that Be on several occasions. One of these occurred near the beginning of series 7, as Smirky shot a fireball at Raptor when he accosted dungeoneer Nicola II. Smirkenorff added a new dimension to Knightmare, and will always be remembered as a legendary character.
 [Related Image] Fear Factor: 4 Friendly but big.
Killer Instinct: 0 Despite what Elita liked to think.
Humour Rating: 3 Usually quite serious, but laughed at Dunston's joke.
Oscar Standard: 7 His manner was very similar to Hordriss's.

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2. Smirkenorff
Reportedly the name of a motorcycle owned by Hugo Myatt (Treguard). This was revealed via the guestbook in August 2000 by Neil Cobb, an advisor in Team 3 of Series 7.

'My brother [Richard] (who was also in the team) and I bumped into Treguard outside our local Safeway ... and [he] was riding a bright red motorbike he had called Smirganoff [sic]. He remembered us. That's all I needed!'

It is unknown whether Hugo Myatt specifically remembered the team failing to find a safe way through Play Your Cards Right.

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3. Smirkenorff
Two Knightmare Discussion Forum members have based a screen name upon the name (and nickname) of Knightmare's most active dragon.

Smirkenorff: Joined in June 2003. Like many fans, he remembered how scary he found Knightmare ('The pookas from the later series always gave me nightmares, i used to imagine that they were after me too'; 'I can remember hiding behind the sofa when that huge troll entered knightmare castle...'). Smirkenorff has made 22 posts to date, the most recent being in November 2003.

Smirky: Did not post after registering in April 2004. Mystara has deleted the account.

Smirkenorf: Joined the forum in August 2008. In terms of Knightmare's influence upon this member, the username was no red herring, as revealed in their first post. 'My abiding memory of Knightmare was Smirkenorf, the wonderfully lugubrious dragon who ferried the adventurers about. I seemed to remember he often told dungeoneers to mind his spine when (dis)embarking, in a wonderfully downtrodden voice.'

@Smirkenorff joined Twitter in January 2016. Some of the user's tweets are in character as Smirkenorff, with retweets relating to Knightmare.

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