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 [Related Image] A potion picked up by Team 2 of Series 6 on Level 2. The bottle was particularly bizarrely labelled, compared to other KM potions:

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 [Related Image] When dungeoneer Sumayya drank from the bottle, she gained a protective shield against Peggatty's fireballing attack, allowing her to cross the room safely. The encounter can be seen in this clip on CITV's Old Skool YouTube channel. Ironically, the team was on a quest for the Shield.
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A spell given by Merlin to Team 6 of Series 1. SHIELD was never cast - even though the team proceeded well into Level 3 before their quest ended - so we (or, if you're feeling lazy, I) can only speculate about it. Had it been used in a scene that was not included in the episode? Would it have helped the team get past Gibbet (even though they already had the password with which to do so)? If so, did the spell become null and void once the team had left Level 2? Or would it have helped the team to overcome Mogdred, had they encountered him?

The spell SHIELD also features in the Can You Beat The Challenge? gamebook, where it is provided by Lillith. It can be used in the Great Corridor of the Catacombs or in the Wellway room, but if used in the former, the adventure doesn't last beyond the latter. The Fortress of Assassins gamebook has a SHIELD spell too: available from Treguard before the quest, it provides a temporary force-field around the player.

Provided By: David, 2007-12-12 00:53:51
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