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A spell which Team 5 of Series 4 failed to earn in the Chamber of Opposite Extraction. In accordance with the location, Merlin told the team that he was awarding them the spell, but the status board then appeared and revealed (to the Watchers, at least) that the opposite was true. The quest subsequently came to an end in the Block and Tackle room, and although Treguard implied that SPRINT might have prevented this ('Magic could have saved you, but unfortunately you didn't earn it'), other teams safely traversed the Block and Tackle without magical aid. (And when Teams 4 and 7 did not survive the obstacle, it was not through lack of a spell.) It seems more plausible, then, that SPRINT would have helped dungeoneer Vicky to survive passage through the lair of Ariadne, as RUN did for Team 2 of Series 4.

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