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1. Rocks of Bruin
Location mentioned and seen in Series 6, and filmed at Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire. The spelling of Bruin is in this case conjectural, but generally accepted among Knightmare fans. A bruin is a brown bear.

Team 2 of Series 6 were the first to hear of the Rocks of Bruin. Using a spyglass on Level 2, they heard Lord Fear telling Skarkill to "move [his] forces towards the Rocks of Bruin. There's an elf portal there to Level 3." The team itself never made it as far as the Rocks (in spite of asking Ridolfo for directions to them), which is a shame, as it would have cleared up confusion over how an elf portal could have the unprecedented function of directly connecting one Dungeon level to another...

...And how, when Team 3 of Series 6 reached the Rocks of Bruin, they were not presented with the opportunity to make a descent to Level 3. This team entered the Rocks after dungeoneer Alan's encounter with 'Harris', and Treguard's remarks about the area were intriguing yet enigmatic.

Treguard: Aaaah. At last. The Rocks of Bruin.

Pickle: Master, what's so special about the Rocks of Bruin?

Treguard: Ah, well, it's a place of legennnd.

Pickle: What legend, Master?

Treguard: Don't ask. You wouldn't
like to know.

(One might have assumed that, if the Rocks did have the important elf portal mentioned by Lord Fear, that it would have been Pickle briefing Treguard on the area, and not vice versa.)

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Despite Treguard's comments, the Rocks appeared to present little native menace.

Later in the series, Elita spoke to Team 6 of Series 6 about throwing the Opposition's dragon caller into the Caverns of Gore from the Rocks of Bruin, suggesting that the former lay below the latter.

The Rocks of Bruin have featured as a location for various happenings on the Knightmare Roleplay Forum.

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