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1. Robin Hood
Legendary medieval hero and people's champion. And more than a little involved in Treguard's successful bid to reclaim Dunshelm.

After being rescued from a Norman ambush in Sherwood Forest by Friar Tuck, Treguard soon learns that Robin Hood is more than just a figment of minstrels' ballads: he really exists. Treguard is starstruck at the very thought, but discovers that in appearance, Robin does not quite live up to the hype. He is squat, bow-legged and has a limp, and beneath his hood is his most shocking secret - he's bald. As for his forename, he claims that although he was born Robert, tales of a sprite named Rob-in-the-wood became associated with him. Yet in spite of all this, Robin proves himself an honourable figure, worthy of his reputation. He aids in the rescue of Treguard when he is thrown in gaol, and assigns some of his men to accompany Treguard on his journey to recover Folly and a magic shield from the clutches of the Black Knight. He is happy to help a fellow Saxon in this way. All this takes place in the first Knightmare novella (Can You Beat The Challenge?).

The Knightmare RPG incarnation of Robin does not openly draw on this established portrayal, it seems.

Sylvester Hands told Team 9 of Series 5 that he was one of Robin Hood's "Dirty Men", and sold them a horn that he claimed would summon Robin Hood. It turned out to be a goblin horn, and it caught the attention of Gwendoline the Greenwarden, who later gave dungeoneer Kelly one of her arrows in exchange for naming two of Robin Hood's real cohorts.

A Robin Hood-themed TV advertisement for Weetabix from the early 1990s featured a chair identical to the one used by Treguard in the antechamber.
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Robot of Sherwood, a 2014 episode of Doctor Who, included both Robin Hood and Bodiam Castle, one of Knightmare Series 5's filming locations.

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2. Robin Hood
Legendary hero of the forests. He was first mentioned in Knightmare when Oakley asked questions about him in Series 5. Gwendoline was then compared to him in The Quest - she was described as "a sort of female Robin Hood".

The idea of Mister Hood was resurrected for the RPG and he appared in the Dungeon under the guise of Robin.

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