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1. Ring of Phobia
 [Related Image] A clue object found by Team 6 of Series 6 on Level 2. Pickle recognised it, hinting that there were other Rings of Phobia, and Treguard advised the team further. One of Lord Fear's possessions (as suggested by the name), and never discarded accidentally, a Ring of Phobia would cause severe Life Force damage if worn by a dungeoneer, but could be carried safely, and its power could be harnessed by an upper-level wizard or mage.
 [Related Image] The team offered the Ring of Phobia to a disguised Hordriss, who relished the opportunity it provided to "cause the Opposition a great deal of discomfort." In the short term, he was able to use the ring to provide the team with a "Causeway security code": when he cried "Numerus Revelanti!" the numbers appeared on the wall.
Confusingly, the Ring of Phobia looked identical to the Ring of Power seen in Quest 4 of Series 6 (pictured above), but different from the Ring of Power seen earlier in Quest 6 of Series 6.

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