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1. Paviland Cliff
A limestone cliff near Pilton on the south coast of the Gower Peninsula. It is close to Paviland Cave, where a prehistoric human skeleton known as the 'Red Lady' was discovered in 1823.
 [Related Image] Team 1 of Series 5 began their quest at Foxhole Slade, a craggy valley with a drystone wall running along its centre, where Smirkenorff was waiting to fly his first dungeoneer.
 [Related Image] Rhossili Down, the highest point on the Gower, can be seen on the horizon shortly after take-off.
 [Related Image] On top of the 60m high sheer cliffs is Paviland Camp (also known as Yellow Top), an Iron Age promontory fort with clearly visible ramparts. The dragon flew Kathryn out to sea before landing at Llansteffan Castle.
 [Related Image] Team 7 of Series 5 met Smirkenorff at the base of Paviland Main Cliff, a popular climbing location. He was subsequently found here by every team of Series 6 and Series 7 (except Team 4 of Series 6, who only used the Descender to change levels).
 [Related Image] Romahna described these rocks as "one of Smirky's nesting ledges".
 [Related Image] He took off past the crag named Paviland Far Far Far West.

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