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1. Mrs. Grimwold
From TES issue 36 (November 2005)

Series 3. Level 1.
 [Related Image] I've always found Mrs. Grimwold to be an interesting character, as Tom Karol is the only Knightmare actor ever to cross-dress for a role. Yes, and I'm sorry to shatter the illusions of those who hadn't yet realised, Mrs. Grimwold was really a man. Don't get me wrong, though - I think Tom Karol did an excellent job of bringing Mrs. Grimwold to life, despite the fact that she would, by her very nature, inevitably be something of a joke character. Indeed, it is a tribute to Tom Karol's abilities as an actor that he actually managed to make Mrs. Grimwold seem genuinely frightening on occasions.
The Grimwold family has truly earned its place in Knightmare legend. Mrs. Grimwold was a witch, who was married to an ogre. This can't have been a very pleasant or interesting life, which meant that Mrs. Grimwold always had to be handled with care: "Anyone who can survive being married to an ogre has got to be considered dangerous." - Treguard. However, Mrs. Grimwold was not usually overly hostile, and could even be useful to dungeoneers on occasions. However, her two closest companions - Mr. Grimwold, the ogre, and Festus, a vicious two-headed, five-tailed hellhound - both seemed to be very keen to make a good meal out of any passing dungeoneer.
 [Related Image] Mrs. Grimwold's first appearance was with dungeoneer Cliff [Team 2 of Series 3], when she proved very useful to the quest. In exchange for a bone for Festus, Mrs. Grimwold conjured up a wellway for Cliff to use, as well as saving him from the evil clutches of her brutish husband. Her next appearance, however, saw her trying to feed Simon II [Team 3 of Series 3] to Festus. However, she did apologise and give him a step clue by way of recompense.

After this, Mrs. Grimwold turned slightly nastier. She only let James [Team 5 of Series 3] off from being Festus's dinner because he bribed her with a bar of gold, and then, for Kelly [Team 7 of Series 3], it took a TRANSFORM spell to turn the dungeoneer into an armoured warrior in order to persuade Mrs. Grimwold and her gruesome pet to leave Kelly alone. Kelly was then killed by Mr. Grimwold, of course, but anyway...

Mrs. Grimwold's final appearance [Team 12 of Series 3] saw her back to her old generous self, in exchange for another bone from Chris II, of course. However, at the end of the scene, Festus finally snapped and attacked his mistress! Did poor Mrs. Grimwold meet a grisly end between the jaws of her own pet? E-mail me if you know!

Fear Factor: 5 Mostly a joke, but sometimes very threatening.
Killer Instinct: 3 Another victimless character due to circumstance.
Humour Rating: 8 A strong - often sick - sense of humour.
Oscar Standard: 6 A ridiculous role, played appropriately.

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2. Mrs. Grimwold
Mrs. Grimwold has been seen on the Knightmare Roleplay Forum as a minor character within the Young Grimwold account. To date, she has featured on four occasions. Her first appearance was in her home, receiving visits from her son Young Grimwold and from Hordriss, with whom she revealed the existence of her long-lost older son, Ergo Grimwold (SEE: Young And Old). In a later storyline, Mrs. Grimwold visited the mother of Skarkill and Sinstar in the Province of Kobalt. Their ghosts were present at the time, and were almost undetectable to Mrs. Grimwold, but not quite:

'If that's a couple of you pookas laying in wait, then buzz off! I'm just a poor old... lady. You hear me? Be off with you! Where's Festus when you need him? Festus! FESTUS!'

More recently, Mrs. Grimwold was seen riding towards Wolfenden on a hoat (a horse-sized goat she'd managed to create), which Mrs. Grimwold ended up giving to Irele tem Shalil. She has since been seen making a nostalgic trip back into the Dungeon, specifically to Lillith's former cavern, where she dumps her rubbish.

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