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1. Mordred
A sinister, black-robed sorcerer who appears in the gamebook section of The Labyrinths of Fear. It is unclear whether he is meant to be derived from Mordred of Arthurian legend, or Mogdred of Knightmare, though the latter seems likely.

If the player enters the maze on Level 1, and subsequently tries using a compass to find the exit, then they discover it truly to be a labyrinth of fear: Mordred's horseshoe magnet misdirects them to his throne at the centre of the maze, and the player must correctly answer at least two of his three questions (or mention Treguard) in order to survive and escape.

The encounter with Mordred is a dangerous but potentially lucrative one: in the worst case, after one wrong answer he removes the Helmet of Justice (as he tried to with dungeoneer Leo in Series 3) and does something too gruesome for the author to relate; but in the best case, the player makes off with the horseshoe, three items of food (props for Mordred's third question) and no Life Force degradation. There are also opportunities for the player to make a fool of the sorcerer by stuffing a pie or pudding in his open mouth, and surviving. As for the reader, thanks to Mordred's eclectic quiz, there is the potential for increased general knowledge covering patron saints, St. Elmo's fire and the Great Fire of London.

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2. Mordred
A character who appeared in Knightmare RPG Season 5, filmed in 2003. Mordred was linked to Morgaine of Evil, by employment if not also by blood. He was played by Alex Greenwood.
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