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1. Mistress Goody
 [Related Image] A cockney witch who appeared in Level 1 of Knightmare Series 4. Described by Treguard as being inaptly named, by herself as the "hostess with the leastest", and by some fans as Mrs. Grimwold's successor in the Dungeon.

Because Goody's appearances in quests were brief and inconsequential, it is difficult to pass detailed comment on her character, alignment and motivations. As with all the hags of Knightmare, she seemed sardonic and cantankerous, though amenable at times. Like the witches of Series 6, she had a magical broom, but used it for floor sweeping, and shooing away a dungeoneer on one occasion, rather than flying. She was seen with Malice, whose more imposing presence made Goody seem less potent; though she seemed able to earn more responsibility, as by the eighth and final quest of the season, she was the lone guardian of Merlin whilst he was locked in the stocks, as well as being an attendant at the entrance to the moving walkway/conveyer belt tunnel of Level 1. She was also spotted in the background in the Crazed Heifer inn.
 [Related Image] Mistress Goody might have been named after Eunice 'Goody' Cole, a Briton who emigrated to America in the 17th Century and was accused of witchcraft. According to Erin Geraghty, who played Mistress Goody, the character was known as Goody Badwife: arguably a joke based on the fact that Goody is short for Goodwife, a form of address equivalent to Mistress. Coincidentally, a suspected witch of the same name was later mentioned during a Hallowe'en episode of The Simpsons (Treehouse Of Horror VIII, first aired 26/10/97).
In 2013, it was announced that Amee Smith's 'Old Crone' character in the Knightmare Live stage show would be named Mistress Goody. As Paul Flannery (Knightmare Live's Treguard) has explained via, 'we felt it gave us more license with her rather than mess about with a fan favourite'.

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