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1. Mills of Doom
From TES issue 19 (January 2003)

Series 2/3. Level 2.
 [Related Image] These three large metallic wheels were erected over a deep precipice in a very dark Dungeon cell. The challenge for teams encountering this puzzle was to guide their dungeoneer across all three cogs and through the door. The catch was that the edges of the cogs were turning round and round to a cranking metallic sound effect, and only provided a safe walkway for a few seconds at a time. Should the dungeoneer have fallen into a gap between the cogs, they would have met a nasty demise - dramatically at least - as Treguard informed Julian's team in series 2: "One false step here and he's mincemeat!" - Treguard. The task was one of precision guidance and careful concentration, as many teams found out as they attempted it.

The positioning of the dungeoneer and the timing of the directions had to be carefully set up. The team led by Chris early in series 2 discovered that it was also very important to make sure the dungeoneer knew what direction to walk in, as an obviously bewildered Chris side-stepped away from the safe path instead of walking forwards onto the next cog. Fortunately, he did not side-step into the pit, but it was a near thing. Having said all that, the Mills of Doom were by no means a difficult challenge, and most of the teams who had to cross them did so with relatively little trouble. Occasionally there would be an additional hazard in the room to try and throw the team, for example a cavern wraith for Karen in series 2 and bats flying through occasionally for Julie in series 3. These distractions did not throw the teams, however.

Although it boasts no victims, I like the Mills of Doom as a Knightmare challenge. It was one of the few aspects of the first three series I remembered between watching them originally on Children's ITV between 1987 and 1989 and then seeing some of the episodes on video in 1996, although I always thought they were called the Wheels of Doom. Ah, those were the days. Anyway...

Difficulty: 6 Some very tricky footwork required.
Killer Instinct: 1 Sadly no one was minced.
Gore Factor: 3 Could have been nasty, but who knows?
Fairness: 8 Not much of a problem, and a nice challenge.

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2. Mills of Doom
The Mills of Doom was the inspiration for the username of Knightmare Discussion Forum member Wills_Of_Doom: 'My name is Will (I sort of named myself after one of my favourite KM rooms).'

In addition to demonstrating an enthusiasm for Knightmare - 'pretty much the only show that genuinely excites. I think people who can't appreciate that are mad' - he also showed one for the online fan community: 'I can easily see how relevant and needed these forums are. I have some friends that like Knightmare, but I still can't really discuss it properly with them for fear of appearing the fanatic I blatantly am. It's only here, you find people for whom Knightmare is in the heart and soul!'

Most of his 105 posts were made in 2004, the year he joined the forum; more recent posts were made in 2005 and 2007.

Wills Of Doom also posted on Knightmare Back-Up.

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