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1. Medusa
From TES issue 22 (July 2003)

Series 2/3. Level 3.
 [Related Image] Only encountered towards the very end of a quest, this darkened chamber combined ornate decoration and a single solitary exit with the ghastly face and writhing snake-hair of Medusa on the wall opposite where the dungeoneer entered. As we know from [Greek mythology], Medusa was a Gorgon whose stare had the power to turn people into stone. As Treguard explained, the dungeoneer and advisors were in danger of being turned to stone by Medusa's stare and had to find some way of blocking it. As this was level three, the action needed to be quick and decisive. Merlin's GRIP spell was enough for Leo and friends to freeze Medusa's stare in series 3, but the two encounters with Medusa in series 2 were both absolute classic Knightmare moments.
 [Related Image] Early in the series, Chris from St. Helens became the second dungeoneer ever to reach level three. The team foolishly left behind the magic shield in the clue room, and were defenceless against Medusa's stare as Treguard calmly explained to them. All four members of the team really did turn to stone - a wonderful moment. ("It seems that all I'm going to get out of you lot is a stony silence!" - Treguard.)

Even more enjoyable was Julian's arrival in Medusa's chamber later in the series. Thankfully he did have the magic shield, but holding it up to block Medusa's stare was not enough to complete this challenge. While Julian had the shield to protect him, the advisors were only able to look at the screen for a few seconds at a time. Treguard helped them to take it in turns to guide Julian out in what is possibly my favourite scene from Knightmare in its entirety. Once the advisors had stopped giggling, they sent poor Julian all over the place before he made it out of the chamber - Becca even sent him crashing headlong into a wall. It was a tense but amusing moment and it's well worth watching. Julian made it out and went on to win, of course, but his encounter with Medusa was undoubtedly the highlight of his quest. So, Medusa was a good third-level challenge that bagged a victim - well worth a page of TES praise!

Difficulty: 10 Confusing and tricky in series 2 - as difficult as they get.
Killer Instinct: 8 One victim out of three attempts - commendable.
Gore Factor: 7 Chris and friends really could be seen to turn to stone.
Fairness: 5 Ah, those were the days when level three could be really tough!

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2. Medusa
 [Related Image] Medusa appeared as a character in Knightmare RPG Season 2. As coldly dangerous as her KM incarnation, she threatened dungeoneers verbally as well as visually. She was encountered by Teams 1 and 9, both of whom successfully used a mirror to turn her to stone (shown below) for long enough to enable their escape.

 [Related Image] Medusa was drawn by Lucy a.k.a. Sidriss Starshine, and portrayed via text in #knightmare's RPG2 sessions by Adam Battersby.

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3. Medusa
The username of a member of the Knightmare Discussion Forum who registered in November 2002 but chose not to post there, prior to entering the forum's T-shirt competition in March 2007.

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4. Medusa
 [Related Image] An obstacle/monster who appeared in Series 2 and Series 3. A giant face on the wall - so, arguably, a wall monster of sorts - in a specific room on Level 3. She didn't talk, but her hair writhed.

Medusa is a character from Greek mythology. A mortal who offended the goddess Athene, who then gave her the renowned snake hair and deadly gaze as punishment. In the myths, eye contact with her, even after she had her head cut off, turned a person to stone. Perseus got close enough to kill Medusa, partly by looking at her only via the reflection in his shield.

Information on Medusa from the Greek Mythology Link
 [Related Image] Team 3 of Series 2 encountered Medusa without a shield that was available in a clue room. This left them exposed to her gaze: dungeoneer and advisors alike were turned to stone. But Team 10 of Series 2 did have a shield, and got past Medusa unharmed.

Team 4 of Series 3 froze Medusa with a GRIP spell, which apparently nullified her powers, and allowed them to exit safely.

In Series 6, Lord Fear comes into possession of a Medusa eye.

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