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1. Lord Fear
 [Related Image] Lord Fear (played by Mark Knight) was first introduced to Knightmare in Series 5 as the bold leader of 'the opposition'.
He also replaced Mogdred as the main 'baddie'.

In his first series, he merely sat down, conversing with people through his crystal ball. In almost every quest, spying on Lord Fear was necessary in order to obtain the combination of a causeway, or the password to reach the next level. A spyglass could usually be found in the clue room.
 [Related Image]
As each series progressed, the character of Lord Fear evolved greatly, and he was also given new 'headquarters' each year, which tended to become bigger and better each time.

Lord Fear was very rarely seen doing his own 'Dirty Work', and relied on his Henchmen to carry out most of his work in the dungeon. One of his main men was Sylvester Hands, but it was always possible for the dungeoneer to trick him, and he rarely stopped them.
 [Related Image] "Can't you see we've got company?
Well, come in, come in my little friends. You have no idea how much I've been looking forward to these Friday sessions."
"Did I say Friday?
I meant Frightday!"

"What?, Me?, Surrender?
You must be absolutely out of your tiny MIINNDD!

"Something is spying on me...
Very well little spy, take a good look, because you know, looks really can kill"
 [Related Image]

Lord Fear also brought with him new-style end of season stories. At the end of series 6, he sent a red dragon to destroy Treguard's antechamber. Similarly a troll was sent in series 7. The dungoneer was sent to collect a specific item, and Lord Fear himself ended up falling victim to his own traps.

In series 8 (shown right), Lord Fear had what was, perhaps, his largest chamber yet, and walked around for the first time.

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2. Lord Fear
Lord Fear, tends to go around the Chat as LordF, real name Daniel Wyatt (Born February 4th 1989) who is a 5 foot tall ape descendent from the Planet Earth, currently resides in Durrington, Worthing in West Sussex.
 [Related Image]

Has been in Knightmare Chat's Deal or no deal twice, once for Show 2 of Series 2 and is so far the biggest winner with ?53,000, he also appeared on an edition before that which did not count with no previous experience of the show, but since the first edition has tuned into Channel 4 for Deal or No Deal ever since.

Has decided to try and give up Crisps since December 2005 and has so far succeeded, has also given up Chips for Lent 2006 even though he is not a religious person.

Has been to France for a week and has gone up the Eiffel Tower, has also been to Belgium for a day. Both were a fun experience for him.

Tried writing a Knightmare fan fiction of Series 9 which only lasted one chapter, this was down to the author's lack of spare time and concentration, both which now have improved over the last couple of years. He is apart of Surrounds and Roleplays mostly and is still RPing as Lord Fear, he also RPed as another chracter portrayed by Mark Knight in Ah Wok. He also RPies as original characters.

Owns a Nintendo DS and plays Mario Kart DS online by the name of Capt. Slow, this is for some strange reason even though he is not slow on the race track . He also owns a Nintendo Game Cube and Game Boy Advance An avid gamer in some of his spare time, whom spends most of his time playing Guild Wars

Is a fan of Doctor Who and was once exterminated by a Dalek on 19th February 2006, but not in the show. He tends to at times go about the chat as a Dalek called DalekF, and as all Daleks has a tendency to Exterminate. He is also a fan of Anime, particularly Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Trigun and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Current studies BTEC IT First Diploma at Worthing College and hopes to attend again next year.

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3. Lord Fear
In terms of screen names used by members of the online Knightmare fan community, Lord Fear has proved to be one of the most inspirational KM characters. While LordF is perhaps the most prominent, with over 300 Knightmare Discussion Forum posts to his assumed name and an ongoing tenure on Surrounds as Lord Fear himself (see above for more information), there have been others.

One of the first people to use Lord Fear as the basis for a screen name was James Aukett: 'When I first posted on the old Knightmare forum (February 2001 - incredible how time flies!) I posted as LORD FEAR. Then a million Lord Fears started posting on the forum all at once, and to avoid confusion, I started posting under my own name, James Aukett.'

In November 2002, LordFear began posting on the Discussion Forum, and incorporated a roleplaying element into many of his 40-plus posts. LordFear's most recent post was made in January 2006.

Between March and May 2003, Lord_fear posted on the Discussion Forum. Only five posts were forthcoming, however.

Lord Smear posted keenly on the forum in the first week of June, returning in July 2005 for just a couple more comments. Much of what Lord Smear had to say was rather risque in nature, e.g. 'Would have been great if Treguard just punched Pickle hard in the face', and 'hey god yeah was a pickle a cutie, but also retarded'.

In October 2003, lordfearisafox joined the forum. Real name Julie, she made no secret of the identity of her favourite Knightmare character: 'Just has that whole powerful, 'dominant one' thang going on. (Don't ask....)' Many of her posts were on this theme. She returned briefly but excitedly in April 2004 after a five-month absence 'cause of f*****g uni/degree stress', and declared the forum 'miles more entertaining than a fecking Poltics essay!'

In April/May 2004, a 'troll' going by the moniker Lord-fear caused trouble on the forum by (ironically) 'flaming' other members. In spite of a warning from Illusion, he merely redubbed himself Melly and carried on insulting others. When other members continued to stand up to him, he eventually deleted his account and had his email address banned. This pleased many users, including LordF (named Lord Nagash Fear at the time to distinguish him from his actively-posting namesakes): 'I'll go back to being the REAL Lord Fear, and no one will ever take that away from me ever ever again.' Lord-fear's posts are now gone.

Also during 2004, Fear graced the Discussion Forum. Real name Tom, he confirmed in his first post that Lord Fear was his 'favourate character', but wasn't devoted to roleplaying in the way that other Lord Fear-inspired members were. Fear made 57 posts between March and May.

But in spite of all those users, some would argue that the only 'REAL Lord Fear', both on the Discussion Forum and off it, is Mark Knight himself, who registered under the username markbknight in March of 2004. markbknight hadn't posted at the time that his account was removed from the forum by Mystara in 2009. He has since been active on Twitter as @markbknight. He rejoined the Forum in August 2013, again as markbknight, and yet again as markbknight in March 2014. He may well apply Opposition countermeasures if his account is not permitted to remain. March of 2014 was also the month in which Mark began tweeting in character as Lord Fear via @LordFearisBack. He also set up a Facebook account for 'Domini Fear' (see: dominus). This culminated in Mark's reprisal of the role of Lord Fear in person at the May 2014 Knightmare Convention, in the Late Night with Lord Fear and Lord Fear's Midnight Hunt events.

Tom Bell, the actor who took on the role of Lord Fear in Knightmare Live in 2013, has tweeted in character under the username @lordfearlive. He has also blogged in the guise of Lord Fear, and recorded videos in character. The latter can be seen on the Knightmare Live website.

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4. Lord Fear
From TES issue 14 (March 2002)

Series 5/6/7/8. Level 1/2/3.
For Knightmare's last four years this dark sorcerer was the leader of the Opposition, and a prominent and formidable force in the Dungeon. Mark Knight played the role faithfully and convincingly during this time. The appearance of Lord Fear in series 5 changed the feel of Knightmare a lot, as there was now a main enemy who was determined to foil every quest at any given opportunity, and would stop at nothing to do so. Fear's virtual takeover of level three and constant bending of the rules seemed to affirm this position. He built up a lot of power in the Dungeon; wherever he resided in level three, he could always send his minions to other parts of the Dungeon to dispose of dungeoneers. However, his choice of servants was not very good, as most of them were easily corrupted or defeated.

 [Related Image]

I would say that Lissard was Lord Fear's most loyal follower. He used technomagic to assert his power, and would not tolerate any rival sorcerers trying to stop him; skirmishes with Greystagg, Hordriss, Grimaldine and Maldame saw him emerge with power in tact. The only sorcerer he actually aligned himself with - though he did try to strike a deal with Greystagg - was Aesandre, whose help he really needed in series 5 as level three was mainly Winteria, the ice queen's own world. Fear's presence was ever felt throughout the quest, mainly because of the presence of spyglasses. The vast majority of his appearances on the programme were through one of these devices, when he would unwittingly give away most of his plans, and often other information such as codes, combinations and passwords. On the occasions when dungeoneers did meet him in person, they had to be extremely cautious and take him very seriously. However, a bit of well-placed magic always overcame him. Indeed, Fear's main weakness seemed to be that he was very easy to defeat when it came to the crunch. All his attempts to take over Knightmare Castle completely backfired, leading to him being frozen, squashed by a dragon then squashed by a troll. Nevertheless, Lord Fear will always personify the final four years of Knightmare, not least because only three episodes during this time (two in series 5 and one in series 7) did not feature the dark master of technomagic.
 [Related Image]

Fear Factor: 10 Fear him, or pay the price.
Humour Rating: 7 Always laughing at others' expense.
Killer Instinct: 4 Never actually in person, but I would blame him for several dungeoneer mishaps.
Oscar Standard: 10 As good as it gets.

Provided By: Eyeshield, 2007-01-21 20:29:26
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5. Lord Fear
[RPG character]

While formidable Knightmare characters such as Merlin and Treguard survived to be seen and heard within the fan-created Knightmare RPG continuum, Lord Fear is one who did not. During a spyglass scene in Session 11 of RPG Season 2, the Unholy King acknowledged Lord Fear as his Opposition predecessor and described the questionable and inglorious fate that befell the technosorcerer:

"He was deafened by that massive bell of his in Linghorn [sic], or MarbleHead [sic], whatever one it was. Anyway, because he became deaf, he was deemed unfit to lead the opposition and so he was sent the the troll pens as a cuddly toy for them, and naturally Sylvester Hands was made ruler. That soon changed since he only managed to have a once every month [sic], and that was an improvement!"

In the fifteenth and final session of the season, there was a further and markedly bizarre mention of Lord Fear. After repelling a long-awaited horde of zombies, Team 10 followed them through a vortex into the Unholy King's throne room and met Merlin there, who greeted them with:

"Dungeoneer. Hello. I don't know what you did to those zombies, but a few minutes ago Lord Fear had just sent 600 zombies through that vortex there. A minute later, and they all come back through the exit and stormed the room killing nearly everybody in it! Luckily I managed to get to safety..."

While these remarks apparently went unquestioned during the session, it seems highly likely that Merlin had called the Unholy King "Lord Fear" in error. One might speculate, though, on whether Merlin was revealing not advancing senility but sagely insight: could Lord Fear have escaped the troll pens, conjured up a hearing aid and reinvented himself as the Unholy King? Unless the world of KM fanfiction addresses this, we may never know for certain.

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6. Lord Fear
[RPG character]

Yes, that Lord Fear.

During RPG Season 2, the main Opposition character (see Unholy King) briefly mentioned Lord Fear, implying that he was a force somewhere in the Dungeon through Knightmare RPG continuity. A rogue plague of zombies were transported into the Dungeon at the end of said series, putting an apparent end to the Unholy King. These were said to have originated from Lord Fear himself.

Fear was not mentioned in RPG Season 3, but in RPG Season 4, a tie-in independent film was planned, explaining Knightmare continuity and expanding the story of the RPG. This was to feature Fear as a character, played by Forester. This film, sadly, was never made. During a spoof CITV sketch at the very end of the Season, Treguard (RPG) appeared in the studio, and announced to Matt, Rachel, Dinosaur Name and Zebza that Lord Fear had returned to the Dungeon.

Once again, Lord Fear was scheduled to appear, briefly, in RPG Season 5, as an older, more bitter Fear, acknowledging that Lord Wraith was his successor. This version of the character was to be played by the original actor, Mark Knight, but this never came to fruition, despite his name being on the original credits list.

The last time Fear was mentioned in the RPG was during another spoof CITV sketch, where Treguard answered a phone-in question, explaining that RPG Season 6 happened in "a different era... before Lord Fear and all that."

In summary, then, although everyone' favourite technomancer never actually appeared in the Knightmare RPG, he certainly existed within its continuity, and made his presence felt... in small ways, at least.

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7. Lord Fear
Lord Fear the technosorcerer appeared in the Knightmare-based audio play, Famous For Retreating, where he was portrayed by Martin Odoni. The play also indicates that Fear went in his younger years by the name of Aedric, and that he was once a student of Merlin.

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8. Lord Fear
Lord Fear
Leader of the Opposition and Technomancer
He always disliked dungeoneers and loves dungeoneers
being killed and barking orders to his henchmen.
But he absolutely hates losing and dungeoneers spying
on him. What a madman.

Provided By: Eastb, 2004-12-11 21:51:16
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