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 [Related Image] The first spell ever to be dispelled on Knightmare.

LANTERN was given to Team 3 of Series 1 by Merlin. The team cast it, just as they had cast FLARE, to light up a pitch-black room. Gibbet, who was guarding the room's wellway, resented this, and advanced on the dungeoneer. The team's response was to dispel LANTERN (as ANLTERN), which returned the room to darkness, but did nothing to deter Gibbet, leading to the ending of the quest.
 [Related Image] The team would have survived, had they cast ANVIL, the other spell with which Merlin had supplied them.

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A clue object in various quests. Team 6 of Series 6 left one behind on the Level 1 clue table. Though it later became clear that they should have taken it to illuminate the dark and dingy dwarf tunnels, the team still survived the level.

Team 6 of Series 8 traded a lantern with Motley on the Golden Galleon for a key. While Motley and Stiletta intended to use the lantern to aid a raid on Lord Fear's bullion chamber, the key granted dungeoneer Dunstan access to Lord Fear's quest object vault.

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