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1. Knightmare Live
Stage production of Knightmare. Though unofficial, it received the permission of KM creator Tim Child. After preview shows in London on July 17th and 18th 2013, Knightmare Live began a run at the Edinburgh Festival on July 31st that finished on August 25th. This was funded with the help of a Kickstarter campaign that raised over £6000.

Each performance of Knightmare Live focuses on a single quest in which two comedians or actors serve as advisors and a fan serves as dungeoneer. A Helmet of Justice is used that closely follows the original design.

Interest in Knightmare Live from both fans and the media has been significant, and has been complemented by the excitement over Knightmare's own 2013 YouTube Geek Week revival. ran a caption competition to select the dungeoneer for the first Knightmare Live preview show. The BBC filmed portions of this show for an Entertainment & Arts feature. After its first Edinburgh show, Knightmare Live garnered a four-star review from Kate Copstick in The Scotsman. Several more four-star and five-star reviews have followed, with wide approval expressed by audience members via social media too.

The original cast of Knightmare Live included Creative Director Paul Flannery (Treguard), Tom Bell (Lord Fear, Olgarth of Legend and others) and Amee Smith (Mistress Goody and others), with the role of Binki the goblin passing from Warren Rusher to Paul Duncan McGarrity. Later additions to the cast have included Jessica Fostekew (Lady Brinkatore). In the second preview, around 10 different characters from the Series 1-8 episodes were seen or mentioned.

2014 saw further well received Knightmare Live performances at the Edinburgh Fringe and around the UK (retitled 'Knightmare Live: Level 2' with plot revisions, such as the addition of a dragon), with more promised for 2015. The final performance of 2014, at London's Lyric Theatre, featured the first Knightmare Live cameo by Hugo Myatt.

For further information, please see the Knightmare Live website. There are also reviews of the shows on, with discussion of them on its forum too. Knightmare Live's enjoyable social media presence has included Twitter accounts for Lord Fear, Olgarth and Binki.

'On behalf of the cast and creative team behind Knightmare Live, I'd like to extend a huge thanks to the 'Watchers of Illusion' (That's you audience), The fantastic acts taking time out to guide our plucky adventurers and to the lucky few who donned the hallowed head gear and challenged our Dungeon during the Edinburgh run. Your legends live on!

More dates will be announced soon, please keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook etc

The path is now, truly open'

- Treguard,, 2013

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