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1. Igneous
Wall monster seen in Series 2 of Knightmare.

A counterpart to Granitas and Olgarth, the wall monsters seen in Series 1-2, "Igneous of legend" occupied a different Level 1 clue room from them. As with all Level 1 clue room guardians in Series 1-3, Igneous asked dungeoneers three questions or riddles, rewarding correct answers with information and threatening to "feed on" any dungeoneer who gave three incorrect answers.

7 out of 13 teams encountered Igneous in Series 2:
 [Related Image] Team 2 of Series 2: Igneous received three truths. Gave quest object information, a clue object hint and a password.
 [Related Image] Team 4 of Series 2: received three truths. Gave quest object information and a clue relating to each of the three clue objects.

Igneous' riddles included one about alchemy. For a later team (Team 6 of Series 6), this was the topic of an unanswerable Level 3 question.
 [Related Image] Team 6 of Series 2: although given no correct answers by the team, Igneous reacted as if given one truth when the team cast a spell called TRUTH. Some fans believe the spell was part of retrospective additions to the quest to enable the team to pass the clue room. Igneous gave only quest object information, scorning the team and leaving them to make bad clue object choices.

Team 8 of Series 2: received two truths. Gave quest object information and a clue object hint.

Team 9 of Series 2: received three truths.

Team 11 of Series 2: received one truth.

Team 12 of Series 2: received two truths.

Igneous' suitably geological name refers to igneous rock.

Igneous was played by Edmund Dehn (whose other Knightmare characters included Gumboil and the Automatum). In a 2004 interview for, he discussed Igneous:

'The process of taking a cast of my face in Plaster of Paris for the Wall Monster's mask [was] very alarming! Your whole face covered completely for an hour or more except for two small breathing holes - one for each nostril! The masks were odd as well. They had eye and mouth holes, but no nose holes - different breathing patterns!'

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2. Igneous
Series: 2
Level: 1

A second level 1 clue room which was Igneous's chamber which was seen in Series 2. When the team took food off the table he would appear "I am Igneous, turn and face me" and then he would ask 3 riddles, bit like Olgarth and Granitas.
Igneous was my favortie wall monsters when he meets a dungeoneer he gets cross as Treguard said in Series 2 Episode 7 "Oh, isn't he sweet"

In Series 3 Igneous was replaced by Brangwen.

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