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 [Related Image] One of the proliferation of Series 7 spells that enabled a dungeoneer to see in spite of the Helmet of Justice.
 [Related Image] INSIGHT was revealed to Team 5 of Series 7 after dungeoneer Ben mopped the floor of a Level 1 chamber. It was cast in the fireball room, where Ben had both to collect a firestone and to cross the room safely, as Majida claimed that there was "no way anyone can get through this without seeing". The casting of the spell gave Ben a visor-shaped view of the room.

In a half-nod to the proverbial spice of life, the following quest (Team 6 of Series 7) featured Insight... powder.
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The name of the powder sold to Team 6 of Series 7 by Rothberry. Treguard later mistakenly referred to it as an Insight Potion. When dungeoneer Julie sprinkled the Insight from its pouch over her head, she became able to see, allowing her to safely pass a troll on patrol on Level 1.

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