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1. Golden Galleon
 [Related Image] "Get on the Golden Galleon. That'll take you to Marblehead." Honesty Bartram to Team 2 of Series 8
 [Related Image] The Golden Galleon was a boat in Knightmare Series 8 that crossed the waters of the Great Mire between the palaces of Linghorm and Marblehead. It was said by Treguard to be giant. Although it was checked by its crew (Lord Fear's servants) for unwanted passengers, dungeoneers could stow away to progress through Level 3. (It was not between levels as stated elsewhere.) The ship's cargo tended to include food, clue objects and spyglasses.
 [Related Image] < Daniel (Team 2) was the first dungeoneer to travel on the Golden Galleon. Using a SHADE spell, he eluded the patrolling miremen and hid below deck, safely reaching the Marblehead docks. The patrolling miremen were also seen in the end credits of Series 8 Episode 2.

Next to use the Golden Galleon was Nathan, dungeoneer of Team 3 of Series 8. Maldame had advised him of the vessel, perpetuating the myth that it was golden.
 [Related Image] > Team 6 of Series 8 were the last team of the series to take a trip aboard the galleon. Maldame's magic enabled dungeoneer Dunstan to travel directly from Linghorm to the Golden Galleon's lower decks without embarking. After falling unscathed through a trapdoor and retaining the use of his uncorked Paladin bottle, Dunstan met fellow stowaways Motley and Stiletta.

Perhaps some children would have preferred Blue Peter to the Golden Galleon. But there's no accounting for taste.

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2. Golden Galleon
The ship which made unceasing journeys between Level 2 and Level 3 by way of the Great Mire. It was the only safe way to get across the Mire, yet it was sometimes populated with Miremen.

The name or any other details about the captain of the ship are unknown, if, indeed, there was a captain.

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