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1. Framlingham Castle
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A 12th century castle in the market town of Framlingham in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Once owned by Mary Tudor and later used by Elizabeth I as a prison for priests who defied the Church of England.

The following Knightmare scenes were filmed at Framlingham Castle:

 [Related Image] Series 4 dungeoneers arriving on Treguard's doorstep.
 [Related Image] The supports in the background are the remains of a footbridge on the eastern side, leading from the castle to a large hunting park.
 [Related Image] The room where each Series 4 dungeoneer acquired the Eyeshield from either Hordriss, Malice or Merlin. This is located inside the Poorhouse.
 [Related Image] It made a further appearance in Series 5, when Ben met Elita in a strangely modified version of the room (now in Level 3).
 [Related Image] Pickle expressed amazement every time the Eyeshield started working: "It sees, master, it sees!"
 [Related Image] The western side of the castle was used as the path home for departing teams in Series 4.
 [Related Image] This area beside the Prison Tower later became Winteria, where Team 4 of Series 5 chose Level 3 clue objects...
 [Related Image] ...and went on to defeat Aesandre.
 [Related Image] The end credits of Series 4 episodes 5, 6 and 8 showed a dungeoneer exploring the moat, passing Tower 2 on the south side.
 [Related Image] The dungeoneer climbs a spiral staircase and walks over some stone foundations on the earthworks to the north-west of the castle. Towers 8 and 9 can be seen here.
 [Related Image] The final shot is a view of the castle from across the Mere (a large artificial lake on the western side).
 [Related Image] Slightly different views of the Mere appeared behind the end credits of Series 4 episode 15...
 [Related Image] ...and Series 5 episode 8.

Framlingham Castle is now managed by English Heritage and is open to the public. Click here to visit the website.

Two photographs of the castle exterior, taken by Jake Collins, can be found in Issue 45 of The Eye Shield.

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