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1. Fountains Abbey
A ruined 12th century Cistercian monastery near the village of Aldfield, North Yorkshire.

The following Knightmare scenes were filmed at Fountains Abbey:

 [Related Image] The south transept of the church appeared as part of Witch-Haven in Series 6. The night stairs from the monks' dormitory are now gone, so Matt needed Heggatty's help to reach the high doorway.
 [Related Image] The same doorway can be seen without the black portal in the second series of El Rescate del Talismán (the Spanish version of Knightmare).
 [Related Image] The image was usually flipped, with dungeoneers exiting via a doorway that once led down to the sacristy. Peggatty could be found shooting fireballs here.
 [Related Image] Spyglasses were used and characters encountered in this Level 2 courtyard. In reality this is the kitchen yard where fuel was stored. The patchy grass has been replaced by paving tiles copied & pasted from the clue room filmed at Scarborough Castle.
 [Related Image] The undercroft of the west range, with its magnificent vaulted ceiling, was seen from several different angles during Series 6 and 7. Sophia and Ben found Level 2 clue objects here, while Matt had to run from Lord Fear's giant hand after using a spyglass. This building was originally the lay brothers' refectory adjoining the cellarium (now open along its 300 ft length).
 [Related Image] A few dungeoneers exited via a freestanding portal. The Eyeshield sequence was sometimes flipped horizontally.
 [Related Image] Ben continued to the end of the passage, which was visited by a number of teams. (Matt was the only dungeoneer who actually came in this way.) Sidriss conjured a Pooka here, while January fled from a Stormgeist. Hordriss and Marta were both rescued here in Series 7.
 [Related Image] The Level 1 Blocker was also found here in Series 6. The Brollachan appeared in the same passage (minus the windows) to question Team 1 of Series 7.
 [Related Image] The undercroft was also seen in El Rescate del Talismán, complete with a monk character.
 [Related Image] The south-east corner of the cloister served as a Level 2 courtyard in Series 6, where Team 1 chose clue objects and Team 6 met Hordriss disguised as a witch. Most memorably, it was the scene of January's capture by Sylvester Hands (his one and only success in four years of serving the Opposition). The staircase would have led to the monks' dormitory.
 [Related Image] The first team exited through the calefactory (warming house)...
 [Related Image] ...with the refectory visible on the right-hand side, and a portal standing nearby.

Fountains Abbey is now owned by the National Trust and maintained by English Heritage, and is open to the public. Click here to visit the website.

A selection of photographs taken by Canadanne in June 2013 can be found here.

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