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1. Fetlock Forest
When Majida became Treguard's new assistant in the first episode of Series 7, she explained that Pickle could no longer tolerate life in a castle - "He go back to forest to be happy elf." Some viewers apparently weren't satisfied with this, and wrote to The Quest asking what exactly had happened to him. In the Winter 1993 issue, editor Wilf Wright claimed to be heading for Wales to try and track him down, having heard that Pickle and Elita (who'd also disappeared) had some "mutual elvish friends" there.

This was followed up in the Spring 1994 issue by new editor Cadrighan the Chronicler, who reported that Wilf had "perished under the paw of a Wyrdbeast" during his quest. Pickle had nevertheless been found safe and well among his own people in Fetlock Forest, keeping a low profile as he owed Treguard "a great deal of back rent".

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