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1. Elita
From TES issue 18 (November 2002)

Series 5/6. Level 1/2/3.
 [Related Image] Stephanie Hesp took the part of this obnoxious and brattish cavern elf, whose appearances in the Dungeon saw her being exceedingly rude to dungeoneers and characters alike. This seems to disprove Treguard's remarks from series 3 about elves being very keen on courtesy, but never mind. Dungeoneers that met Elita had to put up with her foul mouth whilst convincing the diminutive elf to part with whatever useful information she had about the level, which could include passwords, causeway combinations and sometimes spells. Elita was the keeper of Smirkenorff the dragon in series 5 and 6, and could be found collecting his fare in series 5, as he was unable to negotiate his own wages until he got a voice in series 6. Elita's first appearance was with Smirkenorff, as dungeoneer Sarah was about to ride him to level two. It became clear straight away that she was a rude and difficult character, as it took some careful but forceful persuasion to get her to accept a bag of silver as payment. Pickle - also an elf, of course - expressed his strong negative views about Elita for the first time here, which he repeated at almost all of her subsequent appearances. ("She's a rude little monster; no kin of mine that I'll ever own to" - Pickle.) Like all elves, Elita hated people knowing her name. For all her rudeness, however, Elita usually played the game fairly, keeping her side of the bargains she made. There is one exception to this: Elita’s second appearance, again with Sarah, but in level three this time. Sarah and team tried Elita's patience to excess deciding whether or not to give her their red gem for her ritual. When they eventually did hand it over, Elita took it and ran. After that, however, she kept her word, even in the case of releasing Motley from the [pillory] in exchange for a green stone from the next dungeoneer, winner Ben I.

Only one dungeoneer ever answered back to Elita's rudeness: Sofia in series 6, at the end of level one. ("Well done Sofia, it's no less than Elita deserves!" - Pickle.) It was Elita who had the last laugh, however, as she and Sofia met again in level three, where Sofia was forced to apologise for being rude to Elita so that the elf would save her from Skarkill and his goblins. So Elita never got her comeuppance, but at least she was often fun to watch.
 [Related Image] Fear Factor: 6 Small but intimidating.
Killer Instinct: 2 Doomed Sarah with her trickery.
Humour Rating: 5 Always laughed at others, but never with them.
Oscar Standard: 9 Delightfully brusque and rude.

Provided By: Eyeshield, 2007-01-21 20:55:40
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2. Elita
Elita the foul-mouthed cavern elf was in the Knightmare-based audio play, Famous For Retreating. The part was played by Stirling native, Clare Speedie. While the attitude was very reminiscent of Stephanie Hesp's performances on TV, Clare also gave the character a very Scottish flavour, which made for a fascinating contrast.

Provided By: Martin, 2007-12-24 00:01:27
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3. Elita
Member of the Knightmare fan commmunity. Real name Jen, Elita registered on the Knightmare Discussion Forum in January 2003, and revealed in her first post that she has 'been a Knightmare fan since Series 2 back in 1988 ... And the username is that of my all-time favourite character. Loud, obnoxious and foul-mouthed. Elita was my childhood role-model.' Her most recent post was made in September 2004, in which she announced (ironically) that she was 'back in Unannounced Lurker Mode until further notice.'

As well as having visited Knightmare Chat on several occasions, Elita posted on the Knightmare Roleplay forum as Ursula, a character able to metamorphose into various forms of bear.

Elita has a Knightmare fansite, on which a number of KM characters are subjected to abrasive but amusing criticism. It can be found here.

Provided By: David, 2007-04-16 18:32:28
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4. Elita
Series: 5/6
Level: 1/2/3

I found Elita was kind of a rude elf and didn't like Dungeoneer's very much, but she also helped them on the combonation of Causeway's, password's and Spell's.
Stephanie Hesp also played as Pixel in Series 5 as well as Elita and plyed as Heggatty in Series 6.

Provided By: Jamie, 2012-08-24 18:21:29
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