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1. Dungeoneer
The Dungeoneer was one of the most crucial part of Knightmare. They were the ones who wore the Helmet of Justice, there were two versions of this. The first was used in the first 6 series, in series 7 a new helmet was introduced with a visor, Treguard did not approve of this. The Dungeoneer also carried the Knapsack, and in later series held the Eye Shield and the Reach Wand. Aged between 11 and 16, they would travel around the Chromakey Dungeon on their Quest, they would aim to follow The Rules of the Dungeon. The object of the Quest would vary each time, it would sometimes be chosen by the dungeoneer or it would be pre-determined. They would be attempting to master the dungeon to win their Prize, the prizes themselves differing between each series.
 [Related Image] Whilst in the Dungeon the Dungeoneer had a Life Force this was represented in Series 1-5 by a Face which slowly peeled away, in series 6-7 by an Armoured Figure whose armour slowly fell of to reveal a skeleton, when this fell apart the dungeoneer died and in Series 8 it was, for reasons unknown, a Pie. To keep Life Force from draining away the Dungeoneer had to sustain it with food.

Throughout the Quest, the Dungeoneer had to interact with characters, collect Clue Objects from Clue Rooms, they could carry 2 of these at once, gather food to keep their Life Force sustained, gain Spells to use in sticky situations and solve puzzles, with the help of three Advisors of similar age to them, the Advisors would watch the quest from the Antechamber.
 [Related Image] Treguard would try and assist them from series 3 onward, and in series 4-6 so would Pickle and in series 7-8 it would be Majida instead, in the earlier series Treguard was more neutral. All in there were 69 Dungeoneers over the 8 series of Knightmare, and only 8 winners. The left image shows the Dungeoneer being kitted up by Treguard, the right image shows the Dungeoneer in action.

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2. Dungeoneer
A captivating term (if you'll pardon the puns) which, on the Knightmare Discussion Forum, has influenced several members in their choice of screen name:

Dungeoneer: Joined in January 2003. Although an active poster for less than 24 hours, the screen name alone caused a small stir, in view of it being 'obvious' yet previously unchosen.

dungeneer: Joined in February 2003 and never posted. Account erased in 2009.

Dungeoneer2k3 (Username: Dungoneer): Joined in July 2003 (the only month in which she posted), having used a different account, knightshadow2k3, for a few days beforehand ('Things happened and i had to change my name'). The subjects of her posts included Pickle (her favourite character), a longing for meet-ups with fellow Knightmare fans, and the Chamber Of Opposite Extraction.

DeadDungeoneer: Joined in August 2003, and posted little, but made the following revelation of her identity: 'my sister and I were on a team together ... Team 5, series 5. I was dungeoneer, she was team captain ... Took me a long time to forgive her for getting me killed!' (See: Team 5 of Series 5)

the_dungeoneer: Posted three times: once on the day she joined the Discussion Forum in September 2003, and twice in March 2007, when the T-shirt competition drew her attention back to the forum.

Dungeoneermurderer: Joined in November 2003 had a post count of nought at the time of the account's deletion in 2009.

dugeoneerborne Joined the forum in July 2013. Real name Martin, he introduced himself as someone who had watched Knightmare from 1987. He also provided fanart of Treguard.

dezombiedungeoneer78 joined the forum in February 2016 and has made two posts to date.

The Knightmare Boarding School roleplay forum had a member with the screen name 'dungeoneer'. Known more fully as Pam the Dungeoneer, she claimed to have joined the school 'to learn magic and graduate to be a worthy associate to Lord Dunshelm, another of my ambitions is to get it on with Pickle...' She posted four times, all in September 2003.

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